Future so bright: Make tomorrow's business your best ever in 5 steps
The winners in today’s market will take steps to increase sales now, while setting the stage for more future business. Here's where to start
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 18
AI will bring tremendous change — someday in the distant future
Artificial Intelligence could make lending more efficient, though the most radical developments may still be decades away, 2 tech leaders said Wednesday at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 10
Leads not biting this summer? Enter The Triangle Method
Inspired by this summer's hottest TikTok dating trend, trainer Rachael Hite breaks communication down into 3 simple steps to start seeing results in your frosty pipeline
by Rachael Hite Jul 28
Top producers benefit with new Adwerx Top Performer Package
The Durham, North Carolina-company is leveraging 10 years of data collected from customers considered top-of-market producers in both home sales and mortgage origination
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 25
Searching for lead help? SEO Savvy Agent might be the result you need
Agents often resort to cheesy, online pitches by borderline charlatans and scammers to discover new ways to get leads, an especially risky gambit in a stagnant market
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 19
phone, social media
Yes, you can ignore Threads, and you will stay in business, Inman contributor Teresa Boardman writes of Meta's latest social media offering. 'If you are on the fence, I am writing this for you'
by Teresa Boardman Jul 11
How important are hashtags on Instagram?
Let Sue 'Pinky' Benson guide you on how to teach Instagram where your content should be going
by Sue Benson Jul 10
metrics, data, numbers
Forget the jargon and hype, and use these terms to get to next-level marketing prowess. Here are the metrics that truly move the needle
by Eric Bramlett Jul 10
How to master hashtags, amplify your social media engagement
Even though there are different opinions on how to use hashtags, one thing is certain: When used properly, hashtags can greatly increase your social media engagement and visibility
by Laura Viñalet Jul 10
5 fundamentals you can't afford to ignore this summer
Those agents who are still consistently working the fundamentals are the ones seeing success, and they'll also be the ones who have clients when we hit Q4
by Carl Medford Jul 8
Stop being needy! Start delivering value like UPS
When Ventura County, California, agent Ernesto Vargas is out door knocking, he’s always looking for ways to add value to his pitch
by Ernesto Vargas Jul 1
Compass' luxury division launches new global referral program
Compass Luxury Division has teamed with Paris-based luxury firm BARNES International to develop a new referral program, according to the company
by Marian McPherson Jun 28
5 reasons you don't have a listings-based real estate business (yet)
It's important to build your real estate business on listings to generate ongoing, reliable growth. Here's what might be holding you back
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 22
Limitless referrals can be yours in any market
Your pipeline in 180 days is a reflection of the work you are doing today. Based on the work you are doing now, what do you expect your pipeline to look like in six months?
by Nick Schlekeway Jun 16
Unleash the power of circle prospecting and elevate outreach
Join Anthony Marguleas as he discusses the concept of circle prospecting and how it can revolutionize your lead generation and outreach strategies for boosted business
by Claire Buzzanca Jun 12
A former CNN producer reveals why agents intuitively 'get' social media
Ahead of her appearance at Inman Connect Las Vegas, media strategist Shannon McKinstrie shares how agents can tap into social media as a lead generator without falling into a time-suck
by Andrea V. Brambila May 30
Zillow expands 'post-pay' Premier Agent model to 2 new markets
The expansion is part of Zillow's 'enhanced markets' program, which is now in 6 cities and part of the company's efforts to eventually build a real estate 'super app'
by Jim Dalrymple II May 26
'Innovative' digital-ad builder Adwerx lands $3M in funding
Company set the standard for easy digital advertising campaigns for real estate agents and brokerages, using retargeting and fast onboarding to place agents across the internet
by Craig C. Rowe May 18
Totally not tech-savvy? 11 tools for neophytes
Here are some tips on software products Inman recommends for the new agent or the seasoned professional who’s just now coming around to the modern marketplace
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 30
Handwritten direct mail and AI landing pages? Addressable is the answer: Tech Review
A USPS report found that more than 70 percent of Gen X survey respondents feel mail is more personal than online digital communications. Forty-seven percent of millennial respondents said they took the action of visiting the website of a company sending them direct mail
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 27
21 apps to accelerate your brokerage tech stack
Inman assembled a list of technology companies for customizing a tech-stack, specific to those brokers who look for flexibility, best-of-breed options and quicker roll-out
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 20
NAR selects 7 firms for its US real estate tech program, REACH
Flock, HighNote, Plus Platform, Prisidio, Real Grader, Summer and Tongo are the 11th class to participate in Second Century Ventures' REACH program, according to an announcement Tuesday
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 12
How to build an ever-evolving blog — and become the local expert
Creating an ongoing content marketing plan means making use of ongoing blog posts. Part 3 of this 5-part series shares what to write and how to make sure your blog posts matter
by Christy Murdock Mar 22
Creative financing rules as investors head into spring with fewer options
Real estate investors are heading into spring facing the same inventory and interest rate woes that are dampening all of real estate. But sometimes necessity is the mother of invention
by Taylor Anderson Mar 21
Generate leads 24/7: How to build your website with your expertise
When you’re putting together your website, every word counts. Part 1 of this 5-part series shows how to ensure your site is communicating effectively on your behalf
by Christy Murdock Mar 20
How bad is it? The worst website mistakes (and how to avoid them)
Some website mistakes are worse than others, here's a list of the most common ones and how bad for business they really are. Plus, tips for how to correct them
by Jessi Healey Mar 15
10 tips for crafting CTAs that convert browsers into buyers
How can you write the most effective call to action? Here are 10 tips for writing CTAs that’ll get consumers to take action
by Darryl Davis Mar 13
This 22-year-old agent did $16M in Year 1. Here's how he did it
Rookie Noah Escobar focused on a solid niche, built relationships with agents (before he was one himself) and worked the phone, among other things. Here's what he's doubling-down on this year
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 9
AI will upend content marketing. 4 ways to stay ahead of the curve
Focus on creating high-quality pieces that resonate with your target audience and meet their evolving needs to stay ahead of the curve in the age of AI-powered search engines
by Chris Pollinger Mar 9
23 ways to turn one listing into many, many more
Here are 23 ways to both market the home and yourself so that you can turn your latest real estate listing into many future deals
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 3
Clever offers its own take on the lead-referral model
Clever Real Estate finds its leads with extensive content marketing, reams of articles on its website designed to educate consumers on a vast range of real estate topics
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 10
9 elements your real estate website must include in 2023
Your real estate website is your window to the world. It allows potential clients to see your experience, your business acumen and connect with you should they wish to take the next steps
by Laura Stace Feb 3
ICYMI: Here's a roundup of the trends, buzz and sage advice from Inman Connect New York
Regardless of what the market does or whatever the latest whiz-bang technology is, the basics are still the name of the game
by Bernice Ross Feb 2
Revaluate's 'data detox' service invigorates your CRM
Revaluate announced a new database cleanup service for any and all agents who need a more accurate CRM to execute marketing initiatives
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 1
Master the art of cold calling with these 8 can't-miss strategies
Cold calling can be an intimidating prospect for many real estate agents, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn cold calls into warm leads and drive more sales for your business
by Darryl Davis Jan 31
Freed from iBuying, Zillow wants more from its mortgage arm in 2023
To outside analysts, it appears Zillow got out of iBuying just in time. Now the company is looking ahead to a post-downturn world. Here are the biggest challenges Zillow will face in 2023
by Daniel Houston Jan 30
How to create great marketing content in seconds with ChatGPT
Although AI isn’t likely to replace agents any time soon, those who fail to embrace these powerful tools will lose significant market share to those who do
by Bernice Ross Jan 30
23 binge-worthy real estate YouTube channels
From inspiration to education, you can find all the fuel your brain needs from these YouTube channels
by Jessi Healey Jan 23
10 no-upfront-cost lead sources for real estate agents
These companies help you keep a steady flow of leads coming at you without upfront costs
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 13
How to find the right real estate coach (and know it's a fit)
Understanding your business needs will enable you to choose the right type of coaching. Then, you can dive in deeper to find a coach who's the right fit
by Missy Yost Dec 21
Be agile, embrace change: 2 leaders share the keys to success in 2023
Christie's Real Estate Chris Lim and Ben Fairfield with RE/MAX Western Region Development shared keys to their teams' success in a down market with the Inman Connect Now virtual crowd
by Marian McPherson Dec 15
7 things your competition hopes you won’t do
If you slack off on certain facets of your business, your competition will benefit — and they know it. Here's how to avoid losing business
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 15
7 referral business building tips from Million Dollar Listers
Former 'Million Dollar Listing LA' stars share their secrets for building a thriving referral network and bountiful business
by James Harris AND David Parnes Dec 7
Social media marketing isn’t going to be the same without social media
Social media platforms are evolving and so are your Friends' browsing habits. As followers start to scroll instead of social, you may find yourself in new digital territory
by Teresa Boardman Dec 2
Ready for explosive growth? Adopt these 7 daily habits
Success really can be achieved by consistently practicing these seven daily activities. If you work this plan, you will see results
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 1
7 thank-you note templates to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving
This is the time of year when you need to reach out to those who’ve been on your mind and who’ve contributed to your success. Here you’ll find reasons to write along with templates to use so you’re never at a loss for what to say
by Christy Murdock Nov 14
Lone Wolf launches Leads+, lands deal with The Keyes Company
The seller-centric addition to Lone Wolf's broad suite of business software intends to unearth and secure listing leads for its users, coming at a time when they need it most
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 11
7 things top agents regret putting off
Don't make the same mistakes these top agents did and get these tasks on your to-do list now
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 11
NAR's 2022 data just dropped. 9 lead gen strategies to act on now
The newly released NAR 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is packed with powerful data to guide your lead generation efforts in 2023
by Bernice Ross Nov 9
fall, party, food, charcuterie
With a little creative planning, you can throw a fall client event that’ll rival your competition without breaking the bank
by Darryl Davis Nov 1
What to say to prospects to win them over in seconds
Real estate prospects want to hang up. Follow these 5 steps, and you'll win them over in those first precious seconds
by Carl Medford Oct 26
How to close 15 deals between now and the new year
The market determines your stratey, not your success. There’s 3 months left in 2022, and if you put in the work — despite setbacks and oppositions — you have time to close 15 deals. Here’s how
by Adam Hergenrother Oct 26
11 real estate truths that can change your tax bracket
The more you know, the more your bank account will grow
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 21
3 tips for becoming a top real estate producer — even in a downturn
Hazel Shakur and Adam Hergenrother argued during a Wednesday session of Inman Connect that real estate agents can thrive even in a shifting market
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 19
Here's why video is one of the best lead generation strategies today
As the market shifts, agents need to reconnect to the fundamentals of their business, agents said during a panel at Inman Connect — and leverage video in any and every way
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 18
7 tips for raising your profile (and building your network) with LinkedIn
If you’re treating all of your social profiles the same, you’re missing out on the unique advantages LinkedIn offers
by Troy Palmquist Oct 11
Put your Instagram content to work! 3 steps for growing your audience
Don’t have time to create new content for every platform? Check out these three tips for how you can repurpose content you post on Instagram and use it for your email list
7 social media tips every agent should live by
The more value you add to people on social media, the more connections and influence you will develop
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 7
content creation, content, ideas
To take the hard work out of idea generation and let you focus on content creation, we've pulled together this massive list of content ideas from pros in the field
by Dani Vanderboegh Oct 4