Share your expertise: Take the Inman Intel Index survey for May
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to real estate's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Daniel Houston May 20
Agents feel the pain as BoomTown outage extends into another week
Since April 10, brokerage websites across the country have been dark as BoomTown scrambles to resolve service disruptions. The outage has already impacted the bottom line, agents told Inman
by Taylor Anderson Apr 15
New release Harvist offers another option for lead farming
The company referenced a pending legal settlement that could change the way agents and brokerages make money, emphasizing the importance of communicating value to consumers
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 8
As spring nears, real estate agents are reconsidering paid leads: Intel
Two months of Inman Intel Index survey data shows waning confidence in real-world business-building activities but growing interest in buying leads on the internet
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 14
Using paid leads? Here's the FCC change you need to know now
Whether your lead gen leans into cold calls, direct mail, door knocking or portals, Bernice Ross talks to REDX's Curtis Fenn to find out what changes are afoot
by Bernice Ross Mar 1
Energized by AI, brokerage leaders eye big tech spend in 2024: Triple-I
Nearly 70% of brokerage leaders who responded to the latest Inman Intel Index earlier this month expect to invest in technology in 2024, with many now saying artificial intelligence is top of mind
by Daniel Houston Feb 28
Brokerages, lenders anticipate big recruitment push in 2024: Triple-I
Approximately 28% of brokerage leaders believe 'recruiting and retaining talent' will be their most challenging responsibility 1 year from now, according to results from the Inman Intel Index survey
by Chris LeBarton Feb 26
Is your business on life support? Check the health of your database
Frustrated with a lack of leads or a lack of conversions? Troy Palmquist offers insights and tools to help you give your CRM a checkup
by Troy Palmquist Feb 13 CEO 'loves' heated competition with CEO Damian Eales addressed the traffic rivalry with and why competition is good for agents and consumers
by Marian McPherson Jan 25
Closing gifts are no longer enough to win repeat clients
During Inman Connect New York, Client Giant founder Jay O'Brien explained his system for breaking out of a referral rut with an inventive client gifting strategy
by Marian McPherson Jan 23
24 how-tos to help you start 2024 off with a bang
To formulate this list of how-tos to start the year off right, Inman's Service Editor Dani Vanderboegh rounded up the top advice and most-read contributors of 2023.
by Dani Vanderboegh Jan 3
More agents than ever earn business from networking and SOI
From cold calling and radio shows to painting classes, agent efforts to grow sphere of influence aren't one-size-fits-all
by Chris LeBarton Dec 29
Top 20 things Realtors really want for Christmas in 2023
Forget Cross pens and Starbucks gift cards. According to mega-team leader Carl Medford, here's what's really on the wishlist of every real estate pro right now
by Carl Medford Dec 18
7 smart strategies for getting more real estate leads for less than $100
If social media, direct mail and networking aren’t yielding enough leads, try these simple, inexpensive strategies from author and coach Darryl Davis
by Darryl Davis Dec 7
The activity with best ROI? It's old-school networking, Intel poll shows
Agents are doubling down on networking to drive business in tough times, according to results from the Inman Intel Index, excerpts of which are available to Select subscribers for the first time
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 25
CoStar's beats Redfin, to become No. 2 portal
In a sign of the listing portal's growing influence, hit more than 100M unique visitors in September, sparking a 1,290% annual increase in traffic. Now the portal is second only to Zillow
8 client appreciation event expenses that are totally worth it
In today’s economy, every dime matters. Here are a few budget-friendly expenditures that author and coach Darryl Davis recommends for your next client appreciation event
by Darryl Davis Sep 21
The pandemic broke open houses. Can a financial downturn fix them?
Open houses have been on the decline for decades, with a typical seller hosting just 1 open house before a sale. But an Intel review of data shows a downturn could breathe new life into the practice
by Marian McPherson Sep 20
5 AI tools agents swear by in today's market
The future is here and AI is the vehicle. Take advantage of the opportunities it provides for smart growth in every area of your real estate business
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 31
Future so bright: Make tomorrow's business your best ever in 5 steps
The winners in today’s market will take steps to increase sales now, while setting the stage for more future business. Here's where to start
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 18
AI will bring tremendous change — someday in the distant future
Artificial Intelligence could make lending more efficient, though the most radical developments may still be decades away, 2 tech leaders said Wednesday at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 10
Leads not biting this summer? Enter The Triangle Method
Inspired by this summer's hottest TikTok dating trend, trainer Rachael Hite breaks communication down into 3 simple steps to start seeing results in your frosty pipeline
by Rachael Hite Jul 28
Top producers benefit with new Adwerx Top Performer Package
The Durham, North Carolina-company is leveraging 10 years of data collected from customers considered top-of-market producers in both home sales and mortgage origination
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 25