7 things your competition hopes you won’t do
If you slack off on certain facets of your business, your competition will benefit — and they know it. Here's how to avoid losing business
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 15
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Former 'Million Dollar Listing LA' stars share their secrets for building a thriving referral network and bountiful business
by James Harris AND David Parnes Dec 7
Social media marketing isn’t going to be the same without social media
Social media platforms are evolving and so are your Friends' browsing habits. As followers start to scroll instead of social, you may find yourself in new digital territory
by Teresa Boardman Dec 2
Market domination: Adopt these 7 daily habits for explosive growth
Can success really be achieved by consistently doing seven daily activities? It absolutely can. Execute on this plan, and you will get results
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 1
7 thank-you note templates to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving
This is the time of year when you need to reach out to those who’ve been on your mind and who’ve contributed to your success. Here you’ll find reasons to write along with templates to use so you’re never at a loss for what to say
by Christy Murdock Nov 14
Lone Wolf launches Leads+, lands deal with The Keyes Company
The seller-centric addition to Lone Wolf's broad suite of business software intends to unearth and secure listing leads for its users, coming at a time when they need it most
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 11
7 things top agents regret putting off
Don't make the same mistakes these top agents did and get these tasks on your to-do list now
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 11
NAR's 2022 data just dropped. 9 lead gen strategies to act on now
The newly released NAR 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is packed with powerful data to guide your lead generation efforts in 2023
by Bernice Ross Nov 9
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With a little creative planning, you can throw a fall client event that’ll rival your competition without breaking the bank
by Darryl Davis Nov 1
You have seconds to win prospects over. Here's what to say
Real estate prospects want to hang up. Follow these 5 steps, and you'll win them over in those first precious seconds
by Carl Medford Oct 26
How to close 15 deals between now and the new year
The market determines your stratey, not your success. There’s 3 months left in 2022, and if you put in the work — despite setbacks and oppositions — you have time to close 15 deals. Here’s how
by Adam Hergenrother Oct 26
11 real estate truths that can change your tax bracket
The more you know, the more your bank account will grow
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 21
3 tips for becoming a top real estate producer — even in a downturn
Hazel Shakur and Adam Hergenrother argued during a Wednesday session of Inman Connect that real estate agents can thrive even in a shifting market
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 19
Here's why video is one of the best lead generation strategies today
As the market shifts, agents need to reconnect to the fundamentals of their business, agents said during a panel at Inman Connect — and leverage video in any and every way
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 18
7 reasons you should seriously (re)consider LinkedIn
If you’re treating all of your social profiles the same, you’re missing out on the unique advantages LinkedIn offers
by Troy Palmquist Oct 11
Put your Instagram content to work! 3 steps for growing your audience
Don’t have time to create new content for every platform? Check out these three tips for how you can repurpose content you post on Instagram and use it for your email list
7 social media tips every agent should live by
The more value you add to people on social media, the more connections and influence you will develop
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 7
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Here's our massive idea generation list from the pros who can say they're tried and true — because they worked for them
by Dani Vanderboegh Oct 4
If you’re too comfortable in these five areas, it might be a warning sign that your business is in decline
by Jimmy Burgess Sep 30
Open house creeping up on you? Here's your quick prep to-do list
Get ready for your upcoming open house quickly to dazzle your clients and get offers pouring in
by Darryl Davis Sep 24
Here are the 5 things agents must master during a market shift
Top Keller Williams and eXp Realty team leaders Jim Roche and Terrence Murphy share how leaders can guide agents to success during a slowdown, at the Inman Connect Now virtual event
by Marian McPherson Sep 22
7 non-salesy reasons to reach out to your database
A service-oriented approach leaves you and your clients feeling better about every interaction. Find out how to reach out in a positive, authentic way
by Darryl Davis Sep 12
You've heard of 'quiet quitting'. Why not try quiet winning instead?
Quiet quitting has been in the news of late, but quiet winning is the better move for entrepreneurs and business owners
by Cheryl Spangler Aug 30
Save your coin! 15 thrifty listing lead generation tips for agents
You don't have to break the bank to get listings in this market. Think inside and outside the box, and tap into powerful resources to help you earn more in less time with a whole lot more fun
by Darryl Davis Aug 26
Gary Keller nudges agents to keep slowdown in perspective
The founder of Keller Williams reminds agents that it's still a seller's market and stresses lead generation amid the ongoing slowdown
by Daniel Houston Aug 23
WATCH: How to generate listings and maintain momentum in a shifting market
Top agents Jonathan Spears and Lauren Rosin shared their tips at Inman Connect Las Vegas to show agents that prospecting in a down market is possible with the right mindset and tools behind them
by Rachael Hite Aug 12
The rule of 5 for guaranteed success in real estate
Success in real estate is inevitable if you consistently implement the right strategies. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 29
Cheat Sheet: 9 essential real estate reads you need right now
Short on time for reading? Check out this cheat sheet for the best real estate reads for your business and get inspired in a flash
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 26
Seeing fewer leads? Time to re-engage your direct mail marketing
It's time to dust off your mail lists and hope your graphic designer didn't take their Photoshop skills on the road to become a #vanlife influencer
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 22
Mike DelPrete: In cooling market, agents are in for a 'dogfight'
Real estate tech expert Mike DelPrete will share what companies are doing to emerge victorious amid uncertainty at Inman Connect Las Vegas next month
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 12
Is your 2022 business plan holding up? Time for a reboot
Many agents are taking a beat to rethink their business plans they wrote at the beginning of 2022. Is your plan ready to shift with the market?
by B. J. Sonderman Jul 8
Forget what you know about retirees. Here's what they're looking for now
Don't be discouraged if your newly retired homebuyer clients are taking their time. These clients know what they want and are willing to wait for the perfect home
by Luke Babich Jul 7
At a glance: A financial guide for for your first year in real estate
This month-over-month financial plan will help walk you through where you should be and help you avoid any cash-flow pitfalls in your first year. Bookmark this handy list — and refer to it often
by Dani Vanderboegh Jun 14
7 core strategies for building a thriving business
The process of growing a thriving real estate business is systematic when the proper strategies are matched with consistent execution. Identify the ideal strategies for you, go all in executing those strategies, and the success you’ve been searching for is inevitable
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 12
5 low or no cost ideas for thrifty 1st year real estate agents
Ouch! With inflation at an all time high, 2022 first-year agents may be feeling the burn more than their previous class. Read this to help create some room in your budget
by Darryl Davis Jun 11
‘Call, text, email and hope to still get drinks’: How agents connect in 2022
A plethora of communication options for agents exist, but real estate agents told Inman email is still the best option for managing transactions and covering your tail if trouble comes calling
by Marian McPherson Jun 10
5 must-have qualities and skills for showing a home
Do you have what it takes to impress buyers while showing homes? These are the five qualities your clients are looking for
by Santiago Arana Jun 7
The false choices of the commission crunch
Many real estate professionals look down on discounted brokerages, but it may be because they're asking themselves the wrong questions. Here are the alternatives they might want to consider instead
by Grant Clayton Jun 3
6 tips for giving out-of-town buyers next-level service
As buyers continue to rethink their lifestyle post-pandemic, you may be helping them to look for homes from a distance, with only a short trip to make their final decision in person
by Julie Busby May 27
Zillow flexes in the face of a cooling market: DelPrete
Zillow and Realtor.com's Q1 results shine a light on two key factors: overall revenue growth is slowing and Zillow's next-gen lead gen business, Zillow Flex, is building momentum
by Mike DelPrete May 10
14 insightful tips for agents looking to save money in their business
From resisting shiny objects (so to speak) to taking advantage of local intern pools, here's how industry experts say agents can save their pennies in an ever-shifting market
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 18
NAR tech accelerator accepts 8 residential real estate startups
Perchwell, Fractional, Inspectify, Courted, Place, Reggora, Revive and Courted to get education, mentorship and networking opportunities in exchange for marketing fee and small equity stake
A comprehensive guide to finding inventory in today's market
Here, Inman has created an extensive resource for ways to find inventory — from old-school methods to more creative approaches — when it seems like there's nothing left on the shelves
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 30
Inman Connect New York
Are you ready to grow your real estate business? Connect with the smartest real estate pros and learn their secrets at ICNY
by Jodie Cordell Mar 22
Start strong: This team leader closed 499 last year (and so can you!)
Whether you’re a brand new agent or a seasoned veteran looking to have your best year ever, refocus on foundational strategies. Add value and create opportunities for the conversations that become conversions
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 18
TikTok or door-knock? 3 brokers on how agents can win big this spring
Corcoran affiliates Jason Karadus, Liane Jamason and Marilyn Carson share how old-school prospecting and high-level service are winning the day in a topsy-turvy market
by Marian McPherson Mar 17
COVID caused a 'Great Reshuffling.' Soaring costs are behind a new wave
With priced-out buyers seeking to relocate this spring, real estate agents stressed the importance of referral networks as the latest migration wave comes on the heels of an overheated market
by Taylor Anderson Mar 17
Inman Connect Now Series
Learn how you can best serve your clients in today's market at Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 15
California Association of Realtors to get free access to Rental Beast tools
Real Estate Business Services, a subsidiary of the California Association of Realtors, will offer its members Rental Beast tools to boost exposure for rental properties and syndicate rental listings
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 15
Inman Connect Now Series
Women share the secrets they've learned navigating the real estate world on Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 14
Want better leads? Personalize per your pillar
Each individual lead pillar is different and includes its own measurable results. Here's how to create a specific strategy for planning, tracking and accountability
by Tom Toole Mar 8
To call or not to call: What if FSBOs are on the Do Not Call list? 
Real estate professionals can — and should — help FSBOs and expireds make the most informed decisions about their real estate best interests
by Darryl Davis Mar 8
Running a real estate business requires you to excercise many of the same mental muscles that runners do when they train
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 6
Prospects on the fence? Here's how to get them to make a move
Overcome the client's uncertainty and lead them toward the best decision for their circumstances. Here's how to reach out to on-the-fence prospects, earn their trust and snag the client for life
by Tom Toole Mar 4
Got a new referral? 10 thoughtful tips for thanking the referrer
Here’s how to show gratitude to those who appreciate you enough to refer business to you
by Darryl Davis Mar 3
9 must-haves for real estate landing pages
Digital sales funnels are powerful tools — when they work. Find out how to optimize your landing page for more conversions
by Sarah Layton Feb 25
10 things agents should stay focused on in 2022 
It’s time to shake things up and do things a little differently. Lean into these best practices and smart strategies for a successful year
by Darryl Davis Feb 21
How fortitude can transform your real estate business
Fortitude may be an old-fashioned word, but it has never been more relevant as we sail through a pandemic, shifting markets and a world full of uncertainty
by Carl Medford Feb 17
8 tips for writing better subject lines for email marketing campaigns
Think of subject lines as the trailer to a movie. If the preview is enticing enough, your sphere will want to watch the entire feature
by Laura Stace Feb 15
Let's get personal: Why (and how) to build a personal brand
Agents must create a brand that sticks in the mind of the market. It’s not enough to just be better — you also have to be different
by Jeremy Knauff Feb 14
7 Jim Rohn nuggets of wisdom every real estate agent needs
Daily disciplines, seizing opportunities and embracing change are among Rohn's most effective messages. Use them to change your business
by Jimmy Burgess Feb 11
How to attract business instead of chasing it
Here are 5 steps to put into action today, to ensure that you’re attracting business so that you don’t have to be out there chasing it
by Jimmy Burgess Feb 11
Battling the commission squeeze: 5 tips to make your indie brokerage more profitable
It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day of doing business. Brokerages need to keep an eye on the bottom line to stay competitive and profitable
by Ian Hoover Feb 8
How to make these 22 growth activities daily habits
Success comes from having the discipline to execute on certain activities day after day. Agents who put these to work will experience growth in their real estate business
by Jimmy Burgess Feb 4
Overhead view of design team having project meeting in office
Changes are coming to markets and the real estate industry. Here's how team leaders can keep everyone on track and moving forward together
5 ways to make your brokerage stand out in a crowded marketplace
Attracting buyers, sellers and new agents is about more than service. It's about capturing mindshare to stay front and center in the local market
by Mark Choey Feb 3
7 tips for increasing your real estate business' profitability in 2022
The opportunities are out there and waiting for you. Let these 7 powerful insights for increased revenue and reduced expenses make this year one of your most profitable ever
by Darryl Davis Feb 2
How to protect and leverage your database
Staying top-of-mind is all about staying in touch. Here's how savvy agents reach out on a regular basis to their database
by Tom Toole Jan 31
Door-knocking is fun if you do it right. Here's how to crush it
While many agents find it intimidating, this old-school lead gen strategy holds tremendous potential