madpixblue_157229834 International listing portal Lamudi relaunches to target mobile users

International listing portal Lamudi relaunches to target mobile users

Lamudi, considered one of the fastest-growing property search portals with over 750,000 property listings in 28 emerging nations, has relaunched its website to improve users’ mobile experience and reel in more advertisers. Based in Germany, Lamudi ...
By Brittany Morris | 14 hours ago
shutterstock_177220637 Surprising, innovative homeowner uses for 4 everyday items

Video: 4 secret homeowner tips from Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown shares some surprising (and innovative) uses for Irish Spring soap, Turtle Wax, Rain-X and Tang. Who knew these things were secret weapons for the average homeowner ......
By Leigh Brown | 20 hours ago
race-randle Race Randle: 'There's no substitute for the personal touch'

Do you dial, swipe or text? Race Randle

Race Randle of the Howard Hughes Corporation discusses why the biggest trend in real estate is information access -- and why there's no substitute for the personal touch ......
By Inman | 20 hours ago
2015 Outlook Mark McLaughlin's market overview and trade secrets for success in 2015

Mark McLaughlin: ‘We drive the business every day to meet our vision’

Mark McLaughlin shares Pacific Union International's five-year vision and talks about his outlook for 2015: a healthy economy where interpersonal relationships and referrals are still the primary lead source of the successful agent ......
By Inman | 21 hours ago
2015 Outlook HouseCall CEO says being face to face 'trumps all'

Roland Ligtenberg: ‘Freedom is the true motivator’

Roland Ligtenberg, the CEO of HouseCall, explains where he came up with the idea for the app, what he does to unwind and what he thinks is the most overrated real estate technology ......
By Inman | 22 hours ago
StockPhotosLV / Take a lesson from online dating to tantalize potential buyers

What listing agents can learn from online dating

In the age of instant gratification, it's useful to step back and re-evaluate the best strategy for selling our listings. In one MLS listing, we have the ability to hand over all the goods -- data, descriptions, photos, video links, floor plans, pict...
By Greg Eckler | 22 hours ago
marekuliasz_218120785 Colorado's Metrolist rebrands to strengthen ties to consumers

Colorado’s Metrolist rebrands to strengthen ties to consumers, public-facing website

Colorado’s largest multiple listing service has rebranded, adopting the name of its public-facing MLS website in the hopes of resonating more with consumers. Metro Denver-based Metrolist, now REcolorado, will now also avoid confusion with anoth...
By Andrea V. Brambila | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Denys Prykhodov / Which of the 4 major social networks is best for your business?

Getting started on social media

If you're having trouble deciding which social networks to market yourself and your business with, you're not alone. One of the most common (and preventable) mistakes that agents make online is opening up profiles on a plethora of social networks and...
By Justin Kerby | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
survey_png Help us figure out why independent brokerages are hot

Help us figure out why independent brokerages are hot

Independent brokerages not affiliated with a national real estate brand have a stronger presence now in real estate than they have in a decade, and we’re trying to figure out why. Help us. Brokerages not under the umbrella of a ......
By Paul Hagey | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Margaret_Kelly_retirement_remax Re/Max will keep paying retiring CEO's $770K salary, benefits for 3 years

Re/Max will pay retiring CEO $770K salary, benefits for 3 years

Re/Max CEO Margaret Kelly will retire Dec. 31, but the company will continue paying her $770,000 base salary for three years, while also providing benefits like medical, health and disability insurance, and 401(k) matching contributions. That’s...
By Inman | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Ivelin_Radkov_81830002 REO manager snatches up auction site

REO manager acquires auction site

A real estate management firm that takes care of bank-owned homes and investment properties for clients has acquired the auction site, which it sees as a “proven disposition platform” for single-family residences and commerc...
By Inman | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
junpinzon / 5 types of value in real estate

5 distinct ways to classify value

A piece of real estate is not a television or a vehicle, and buying or selling a home is nothing like a trip to pick up new 60-inch plasma and a BMW to drive it home in. Real estate is truly unique; there are no two identical parcels of land or homes...
By Hank Miller | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Noppasin_134680934 Indian listing portal lands $90M

Indian listing portal lands $90M

Locon Solutions, operator of Indian listing portal, has nabbed $90 million in a funding round led by Japanese telecom behemoth SoftBank Group. The raise provides the latest indication that investors see promise in India’s onli...
By Teke Wiggin | Tuesday, December 16, 2014
2015 Outlook Zillow hacker shares her favorite food, her passion and what she'd change about the industry

Rebekah Bastian: ‘I want to make sure great agents get all the business’

Rebekah Bastian, the Zillow product teams group manager, answers some questions about her favorite music, how she got into real estate and what she'd change about technology if she could ......
By Inman | Tuesday, December 16, 2014