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Meet Arti, your new transaction management solution

This agent-driven transaction system helps clients oversee every step of the sale from listing to close
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  • The more a client knows, the more efficient the transaction.
  • Arti is a transaction oversight tool that puts agents and clients on the same playing field.

ERA Brokers Consolidated developed a powerful system to increase transparency and trim transaction time.

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Arti is an interactive listing oversight and transaction management solution.

Platforms: Browser-based; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Brokers within ERA offices and their customers

Top selling points

  • Agent-developed
  • Highly transparent for client
  • Text-based updates, oversight
  • Marketing features

Top concerns

  • This is a private system developed within the offices of ERA Consolidated, a group of brokerages along the I-15 corridor from Salt Lake to Las Vegas.

What you should know

I have said multiple times in this column that I very much favor solutions developed by agents. Working in the space provides the straightest line from problem to solution.

Agent brothers Matt and Neil Walter spearheaded the creation of Arti, a tool that connects clients and agents from listing to close.

It combines mobile communications with a browser-based admin for all parties to monitor, measure, and manage each step of a sale.

I like that Arti doesn’t classify a transaction as merely the point at which an offer is accepted. In my opinion, a transaction begins with the listing agreement.

Arti builds a website for each listing it handles and incorporates a Matterport tour. There’s also a YouTube page for properties, a flyer generated and, if needed, “Just Listed” postcards.

Clients can watch as each marketing task is checked off the list of transaction actions, and they can choose to be alerted when a prospective buyer texts the numeric code on the yard sign for more information.

Clients can choose to be notified via text every step of the way, from new leads and completed tasks to changes in status.

If they don’t like mobile alerts, the Recent Activity panel on the browser interface can keep them abreast of what’s happening.

Each client’s Arti login provides a full breakdown of activity, and encourages sellers to populate the system with as much information as possible, as soon as possible, to help streamline the sale. The point is to shrink transaction time.

Clients can see each document that’s needed to close even before the first lead comes in.

Once escrow is underway, buyers are granted access as well.

Every required document — even those not required but often requested — are part of a centralized task list.

That library’s presence within the system reduces surprises and encourages clients to take action.

By allowing clients access to the same suite of tools used by their agents, the Walters believe Arti is making real estate sales more transparent for the buying public.

I tend to agree.

It helps that the entire system is mobile-optimized and portal access can be granted quickly via text.

Every date, task, document and milestone is easy to access, mobile-ready and customer-facing within Arti. It has a pervasive user interface that is best described as clinical but pleasing. It’s easy to browse and navigate in order to keep up with what’s happening.

I wish this was a full-fledged commercially-available product because it’s on par with the dotloops of the world.

Nice job, ERA.

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