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Why BrokerSumo is a powerful brokerage management solution

New brokerage oversight software offers flexibility, hiring tools and detailed financial management
  • The software has partnerships with dotloop, SkySlope, QuickBooks and others.
  • It includes highly detailed management of accounting, commissions and all fees associated with transactions.
  • The company was formally launched in October 2016 but spent almost a year in beta.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. BrokerSumo is a web-based real estate office management software. Platforms: Browser-based Ideal for: Mid-size and large offices; shops with multiple teams; any brokerage in need of streamlining operations Top selling points Electronic agent onboarding Easy, detailed financial management tools Not overdone; not bloatware Ideally made for brokers Top concerns It's a software that formally launched in October 2016 after a year of beta use. It's young, but worth strong consideration. What you should know BrokerSumo has integrations with dotloop and SkySlope, as well as two smaller names in the transaction management space, because its developers smartly decided that it didn't need to reinvent a wheel already rolling smoothly through the industry. It also makes it easier for brokerages using those products to adopt its software. Broke...