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This A.I. will write your real estate profile for you

Realty Profile was founded to improve profile content for real estate clients
Realty Profiler
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  • Realty Profile will make oft-neglected LinkedIn and portal profiles stand out to foster brand growth.

Realty Profiler is an automated content generator for online real estate agent profiles. It’s ideal for large, national brokerages and many others.

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Realty Profiler is an automated content generator for online real estate agent profiles.

Platforms: Browser
Ideal for: Large, national brokerages; professional service providers for real estate companies; high-profile boutique brokerages; portals; national real estate brands

Top selling points

  • Extensive, multi-page profiles
  • Minimal commitment from individual agents
  • Multiple narrative styles to choose from
  • Optimized for portals, LinkedIn accounts

Top concerns

This is a business-to-business product intended for widespread roll-out in volume; it is cost-prohibitive for individual agents or mid-size brokerages. Brokers and national marketing managers will have to manage their agents’ completion of the set-up process.

What you should know

Apple is now selling a $1,000 iPhone and a ton of people are going to line up to buy it.

People want the latest and greatest so they can run their lives on the internet even more efficiently than they did yesterday.

We’re all data hoarders, regardless of how much we express guilt about spending so much time hunched over our card deck-sized computers.

In short, if you’re not focusing heavily on your online presence, your future in the industry is limited.

Vietnam-based Realty Profiler recognized this years ago when its founder, Australian Rod Smith, started a copywriting business to provide SEO-rich, well-written online profiles for real estate agents. The issue with many agents is that they have plenty of time to focus on clients but very little time to develop their own marketing efforts.

After growing beyond his means and reaching a point where he could no longer manage the business as effectively as he wanted, his team spent well over a year developing a natural language processing (NLP) solution to automate content production.

NLP is a science that deals with how computers understand and react to human language.

The result is a software product that uses online questionnaires to pull information from agents and push it through an artificial intelligence (AI) and NLP machine learning process.

In a matter of minutes after survey completion, agents choose one of five different narrative “styles” to edit where needed and then publish automatically to an agency website, major portal or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn profiles can hold up to seven pages of content; agency websites and portals can hold up to two pages.

Using its own scale and expertise, ICSF 2017 attendee Realty Profiler “analyzed” the agent profiles on, Zillow and Among other subject areas, they examined contact information, position summary, awards, key performance indicators and professional summary.

The results were what you might expect:

The charts above are subjective analyses I included to help explain the intent of the product.

Realty Profiler can currently work in Spanish, French and Portuguese, and generates thousands of profiles in a matter of weeks, thus, its business-to-business approach.

More languages will be available in the coming months.

Every profile is SEO-enriched without over indulging on bloated jargon or keyword stuffing.

The company can generate content for an array of office positions, including agents, property managers, office assistants, marketing managers, lease administrators, brokers and many others.

In a blog post on Realty Profiler’s website, you can learn how the company “wrote” 12 million words about real estate in a week.

The combination of AI and NLP is what makes this possible. So yes, bots are now writing for us too. (Still think they won’t have a role in real estate transactions?)

The post explains their general process:

Today we are generating more data, often called big data, then we can humanly manage. Today around 80 percent of total data is available in the raw form.

Big Data comes from information stored in big organizations as well as enterprises. For example, for a real estate professional, it includes location data, performance data, professional data like certifications and academic qualifications, contact data like social media, employment data like their previous position and so on.

This huge amount of data can be analysed for patterns to better understand the information contained in data. NLP can solve big problems of the business world by using Big Data.

The company is currently ramping up operations in the states.

Agents should take away from this the importance of what Realty Profiler calls the “digital interview.” How does your online presence appear when placed next to a competitor’s?

Consumers are being served data in unfathomable portions and they’re attempting to swallow it on $1,000 digital, wifi-enabled dinner plates.

Will they like what you’ve prepared?

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