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REveo app helps agents live stream home tours

App capitalizes on live streaming technology to brand live and recorded home tours
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  • Home tours can be recorded for future publishing or broadcast live via iPhone app.
  • App is $17.49 for monthly plans or $149 for an unlimited one-year plan.

REveo is a live stream home tour app available for iPhone users and ideal for all agents, especially those working with extremely busy or out-of-town buyers.

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REveo is a live stream home tour app.

Platforms: iPhone
Ideal for: All agents; tech-forward agents; agents who work with out-of-town buyers.

Top selling points

  • Stable video streaming
  • Branded screenshare
  • Built-in tour scheduling
  • Recorded tour sharing

Top concerns

The app has very little margin for error given the native streaming ability of all smartphones and social networks.

What you should know

REveo isn’t anything we haven’t seen before — it’s essentially FaceTime or Facebook live.

However, when applied to the critical business process of showing homes, live streaming takes on a certain cache that I think buyers and sellers will get a kick out of.

REveo can either schedule a live video tour ahead of time or ping a buyer for a spontaneous look around.

It only takes clicking on a link in a calendar, email or text for the viewer to open and broadcast a tour. It’s really fast.

Users’ devices register their location so the tour recipient can get an idea of where the property is located. A tour invite is accompanied by either a standardized or custom message.

The client does not have to download anything to join a tour, and they participate through an agent-branded player.

Naturally, agents conducting the tour will narrate as they go.

Agents can also record tours for clients and share them to social media or by sending a link.

A screenshot of the app showing a tour being watched on a widescreen TV shows a very neat use of REveo given the universal connectivity of our in-home and mobile devices these days.

The app’s developer, Miami-based former electrical engineer Arsene Lavaux, told me his goal was to help maintain an authentic showing experience when buyers can’t be there in person, which is quite common in Miami.

Agents who work with investors or relocation specialists could realize a great deal of value from REveo. I also feel agents who use 3-D tour tools would be a good match for REveo, and might find it more effective.

It’s also a clever enough bit of flair to impress local seller prospects.

As of now, the app is true to its intention. There is no additional marketing fluff or a complex backend administration with which to tangle.

In summary, REveo leverages an existing mobile technology, wraps it up in an branded player, and re-gifts it to real estate agents.

Lavaux told me that it’s in use in 80 countries, and each of the five App Store reviews have awarded REveo 5 stars.

The Home account level costs $17.49 per month for unlimited showings, or you can save with the Mansion plan by paying $149 for a year of unlimited showings.

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to note that Arsene Lavaux is a former electrical engineer, not an agent. 

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