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How’s your office performing? Use Sisu’s data visualizations to keep track

Vibrant visualization of sales and performance metrics are the key to this unique, valuable desktop and mobile goal-tracking platform
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  • Sales challenges and encouraging competition are a couple byproducts of this sleek sales metrics visualization platform.
  • Sisu comes with a "display mode" to showcase agent performance on large-screen conference and meeting room screens.

Sisu visualizes agent and brokerage performance data for coaching, accountability and goal tracking.

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Sisu visualizes real estate agent and brokerage performance data for coaching, accountability and goal tracking.

Platforms: Browser; iOS and Android apps
Ideal for: All real estate agents, brokerages and teams

Top selling points

  • Superb user experience
  • Functionality of app
  • Highly granular use data
  • Versatility

Top concerns

Linking consistent, accurate transaction data to Sisu could pose a challenge to getting the most out of the software. The company is continually integrating popular third-party customer relationship management (CRM) and transaction management solutions to alleviate the risks of manual data entry.

What you should know

A number of back-office management platforms, CRMs and marketing solutions have elements of goal tracking or features that encourage competition.

Those features, however, aren’t required to get the most out of the greater solution.

Sisu is only goal tracking and performance measurement, and it does a beautiful job of it.

I looked carefully during a demo for superfluous functionality, such as a tool that launched a Facebook ad or newsletter — a tactic common to new products (Sisu launched in June) that aren’t always confident in their greater pitch to the industry. “Hey, let’s add this feature simply because it’s cool.”

Sisu is 100 percent sure of itself, and it can help agents and brokers feel that way too.

Using its “scoreboard,” the Sisu app illustrates current and pending sales figures by month in a series of vibrant, color-coded circle graphs.

There’s some dotloop influence at play in the visualizations, and the popular transaction manager is one of its data-partners.

Real estate agents and brokers can quickly understand where they stand on total listing volume, pending commissions, number of new and existing contacts, first-time appointments, buyers signed, listings taken and pretty much every stat that a real estate office can use to monitor the health of its business.

Every chart displays current performance against set goals, controlled from the software’s settings. Agents can also customize the visuals, choosing views with only numbers or charts accompanied by icons.

Sisu’s user interface keeps the user glued to every screen.

Numbers and colors are presented in fat, clean fonts and smart contrasting choices to make certain agents can’t misinterpret where they stand.

If you want a product to be all about communicating simple but critical facts, this is how you design it. The developers behind Sisu understand how critical look and feel is to adoption and user engagement. They don’t miss a beat.

Sisu comes with “display mode” that presents a series of its data screens for public presentation on larger monitors, such as those found in sales and conference rooms. Brokers can choose what to display.

The “challenges” functionality gives administrators the power to create office competition for everything including number of new contacts made and number of five-star client reviews.

However, a Sisu challenge can go beyond business, empowering stakeholders to create challenges for hours spent meditating or exercising, for example. Challenges can also be launched into “display mode” for the office to digest.

Agents can use Sisu to track the progress of individual transactions, and along the way, receive a custom-set of notifications for dates, vendor events and new revenue when a sale closes.

Sisu is a unique, engaging software product applicable to a number of professional sales environments, and the company has plans to push into the mortgage industry too.

Although it isn’t business-critical software, Sisu offers brokers and agents a vibrant, intelligent way to remind them of everything else that is.

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