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Here’s the CRM for agents who don’t think they need one

Targeted directly at new and mid-level agents, RealOffice360 is an impressive CRM for unimpressive monthly budgets
The revolutionary real estate CRM

Targeted directly at new and mid-level agents, RealOffice360 is an impressive CRM for unimpressive monthly budgets.

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RealOffice360 is a CRM for new and mid-level real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser; mobile optimized; iOS and Android apps
Ideal for: New agents; mid-level agents

Top selling points

  • Unique, effective user experience
  • Contact and deal pipeline
  • Daily planner integration
  • Bang-for-the-buck
  • Online lead source integration

Top concerns

A relatively new CRM that will eventually need to focus on advancing its mobile platform.

What you should know

RealOffice360 is one of the more unique CRMs (customer relationship management ) on the market, combining an ultra-modern interface with a clear understanding of what agents need to manage the people providing their commissions.

Users of Kingston Lane or Trello will immediately recognize the UX and UI driving RealOffice360.

That’s not to say the overall look and feel is a knock-off of the former, merely its own take on the drag-and-drop, mobile-inspired way to deliver features and data.

The central, digital whiteboard is series of panels; labeled, leads, prospects, active, conditional (pending deals) and firm.

The latter two fields are Canadian-born terminology that may jar American users at first. “Firm” refers to the final stages of closing, at which point the information is being examined by the higher-ups in the firm or brokerage.

The other main ports of entry are clear. Noteworthy is the fact that “leads” and “prospects” are not the same — recognition that a contact is not the same as client, the mark of good business software.

Contact cards open across the screen to give users a clear look at what matters, with access to reminders, related opportunities, history and connected properties. Notes and files can be added too.

A standout feature in RealOffice360 is its “Relationships” module, which encourages ongoing follow-up with current and previous customers.

Clicking it revels every contact with an upcoming birthday or home anniversary, as opposed to digging up this data at the contact-level.

Another highlight of this CRM, which is targeted squarely at new and mid-level agents, is its goal-setting tools. Upon sign-up, users input how much money they want to make in the year, goal number of closings and the commission structure currently in place.

Every time a deal is entered into the software, the estimated commission is tentatively applied to the annual goal meter. It’s an easy, clever way to keep users motivated and aware of where they stand on the year.

RealOffice360 smartly incorporates general productivity tools. After conducting research with agents and sales coaches, the “Daily Planner” tool is a three-column digital edition of the physical desktop version.

On the left is your day at a glance, the middle has special upcoming events, and the right has a running list of to-dos. Like the rest of the product, the planner is sharply intuitive, color-coded and practical.

HomeHub360 is a home management solution connected to the CRM so users can offer service outside of the transaction.

While similar to most home oversight platforms that keep a list of professionals, track budgets and manage house tasks, HomeHub360 does give agents one good reason to invite new owners to use it, its “Home Value” tracker.

The tool generates a value timeline based on quarterly CMAs provided by the agent, also a good way to prevent owners from fretting over inconsistent Zestimates.

There are cool productivity touches throughout the software, such as drag-and-drop contact status changes, evident links to related functions, and for those who pay a bit more, a simple MailChimp integration.

Costs for RealOffice360 range from “free for life” (really) up to $69/month for customized extras and more contacts. Even at its most expensive level, this is a CRM that’s meant for many of the agents out there who may not think their status in the industry warrants a CRM.

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