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LeadSpark gives you fully serviced Facebook lead campaigns: Tech review

There's definitely value in outsourcing your advertising creative, budget and traffic, but make sure the result aligns with everything else you're doing to find new business
Managed Lead-Gen

LeadSpark offers real estate agents fully managed Facebook lead-generation campaigns and live follow-up for up to six months.

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LeadSpark is a full-service lead generation service for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser

Ideal for: Individual agents, teams and brokerages

Top selling points:

  • Fully managed Facebook campaigns
  • Included CRM
  • Human lead follow-up teams
  • $120 per lead
  • No-long term contracts

Top concern

As with all provided lead services, agents will need to continually monitor the quality of the lead with their budget to ensure ROI.

What you should know

I don’t need to argue the merits of Facebook as a lead source for real estate agents. If used correctly, it’s highly effective. Like all advertising mediums, it requires a commitment to regularity and spending. A mere $50/month won’t get you much.

LeadSpark promises to do its absolute best for you according to what you can spend. You’ll be better off giving them something decent to work with, though.

The company doesn’t use its own simplified interface to create and run campaigns, as many in this space do.

Instead, its team of professionals digs deep into the Facebook Ad Manager to leverage all its features and convoluted user experience on your behalf. This service is valuable in itself, as Facebook’s admin tools aren’t super user-friendly and no doubt lead people to avoid advertising altogether.

LeadSpark also handles all of your creative, which is what the company told me is its differentiator. I always encourage hiring professional writers for your marketing, and in that respect, LeadSpark also functions as an agency.

Its team of U.S.-based, inside/internet sales assistants (ISAs) handle all follow-up phone calls, voicemail drops, texts and emails. They stay consistent, according to the company, starting within two minutes after initial action on the part of the lead and working them for at least six months.

LeadSpark states it has between 10-30 percent live transfer rate from ISA to agent.

Clients can use the included CRM, which I looked at for only a couple of minutes, to monitor campaign and lead activity, take over conversations and edit and manage all of their outreach. 

Market Leader recently announced a similar lead service for its customers.

Not a fan of what LeadSpark offers? In that case, lead data can be manually input into your existing CRM. However, the company did not address how LeadSpark’s follow-up campaigns overlap with what your CRM already offers, and that would be my first question for them.

In terms of lead quality, LeadSpark only interacts with individuals who: 

Getting this information obviously hinges on the ISA speaking to the person. Today, a lead company being able to reach a buyer or seller lead on the phone is actually a pretty good sign.

LeadSpark also offers an ancillary “Success Coaching Package” to help clients with follow-up strategies and so forth.

I suppose it’s nice to have all of these services assembled and outsourced for you. Naturally, Facebook campaigns need additional marketing support, such as direct mail, general branding campaigns, local events and the like. Thus, partition your ad budget accordingly.

LeadSpark launched in February of 2021, so it’s relatively new to the biz. Don’t let that dissuade you — there is potential in its model. It’s not a new concept or in any way innovative, but if you find their customer service and ad creative superior, then it’s a company to consider.

And not having to sign a long-term contract is always a plus for the agents watching their ROI.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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