How to make clients love writing reviews (so you can win)
By keeping your testimonial review system fast, easy to access and uncomplicated, you can give clients ample opportunities and motivation to participate in sharing their experiences
by Darryl Davis Mar 31
A 6- to 24-month nurture-to-conversion plan for your leads
The work doesn't end once you have a lead. Darryl Davis explains how to turn that possibility into profitability with a month-by-month conversion plan
by Darryl Davis Mar 30
Love-hate relationship with social media? Here's how I make it work
Although people have mixed feelings about social media, there's no denying that it's a valuable tool for marketing your business
by Nikki Beauchamp Mar 29
Revive wins again, takes home 2 ADDY awards
Its efforts move on for judgment at the district level and potentially the national competition, pitting the proptech against some of the nation’s most recognized consumer brands and agencies
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 28
Here are the details on your best performing piece of content: Pulse
As you look back at your online and social media platforms, we asked you to brag about your best-performing piece of content
by Inman Mar 28
Consistency equals consumer confidence. Here's how to build a trustworthy brand
Brand consistency becomes brand recognition. Brand recognition converts into trust, and trust equals success
by Missy Yost Mar 28
10 tips to make your first client event a roaring success
When done well, events offer huge rewards, whether that’s increased brand engagement or more leads coming through your door from referrals made at events themselves
by Darryl Davis Mar 28
CHALLENGE: Audit your online footprint in 7 days
In just one week, you can make sure that every platform where you have a profile is fully updated with this handy-dandy checklist
by Christy Murdock Mar 27
Is a book on your bucket list? Here's how to write it
If writing a book seems like an impossible task, just know that it’s not. In the final part of this series, we look at how to write, what to write about and who can help make it more manageable
by Christy Murdock Mar 24
QUIZ: Determine which of these is your brand archetype
There are 12 brand archetypes based on common themes, personality traits and marketing niches. Take our quiz to find out which one looks most like you
by Rachael Hite Mar 24
Where should I post? 3 steps for choosing a social media platform
Not sure where you should be posting online? Here's a hint: Follow your target audience
by Jessi Healey Mar 24
Want the press to notice you? Here's your DIY PR plan
Getting featured in the media can be a game changer because in addition to creating exposure, it also helps you become a recognized authority in your market
by Jeremy Knauff Mar 24
Lean times require you to lean in. Here’s how
Lean into focused activities, lean into lead generation, lean into holding two appointments a week, lean into purposeful conversations and lean into the '200 percent' life
by Adam Hergenrother Mar 23
Sell your city when you serve and support your community
Serve as an ambassador for your community and provide information and expertise to both newcomers and current residents
by Victoria Kennedy Mar 23
Better property descriptions can help you sell more homes this spring
It's time to implement superior copywriting techniques in the real estate space to help connect with buyers logically and emotionally
by Tom Gil Mar 23
Put yourself out there! How to develop a media relations strategy
Growing your content marketing plan means adding leverage by reaching out to the media. Part 4 of this 5-part series shares what to write and how to craft a media outreach strategy
by Christy Murdock Mar 23