It takes a highly qualified real estate agent to perform at the level that some of the world’s wealthiest celebrities demand. Here are the top ones serving Hollywood, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

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It takes a highly qualified real estate agent to perform at the level that some of the world’s wealthiest celebrities demand.

On top of the big personalities and high expectations to deliver, agents in Hollywood today have a lot to deal with. There’s the high interest rates that are dissuading sellers from moving; the Hollywood writers’ strike, which only recently ended after months and impacted a huge swath of potential buyers; and the ULA or “mansion” tax enacted this spring, which put a serious curb on transactions over $5 million.

“We had a 13-year run of a robust market and are experiencing a necessary cycle change,” Rayni Williams of The Beverly Hills Estates told The Hollywood Reporter regarding the 36 percent decline in luxury transactions in the second quarter of 2023.

Yet even with those obstacles, agents have continued to broker remarkable deals, like Kurt Rappaport of Westside Estate Agency’s deft handling of both sides of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s $200 million purchase of an estate in Malibu in May.

“At the end of the day,” Josh Altman of Douglas Elliman said, “a trophy is a trophy, and if people want it, they are going to buy it.”

What follows is The Hollywood Reporter’s list of the top 35 real estate agents serving Hollywood’s celebrities today.

Credit: Douglas Elliman

Heather, Josh and Matt Altman

Douglas Elliman

Celeb clients: Film producer Michael Sugar, Pod Save America’s Jon Favreau

Hot stats: The team is poised to hit $1 billion in annual deals this year

In their words: “Our clients trust us and come to The Altman Brothers because they know we are the deal guys,” Josh Altman said. “We know the ins and outs of properties on the market, what is coming to the market, being built, et cetera. Los Angeles has been our playground for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves in knowing every house in this city.”

Cindy Ambuehl | AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate

Cindy Ambuehl

AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate

Celeb clients: Record producer Mikkel Eriksen, Fullscreen founder George Strompolos

Hot stats: Ambuehl closed $157 million in deals between July 2022 and July 2023

In their words: “Christie’s specializes in serving luxury clientele, and their class, elegance and chic branding align perfectly with the values of the Cindy Ambuehl Group,” Ambuehl told The Hollywood Reporter. “This transition has enabled us to strengthen our existing foundation and build upon our accomplishments.”

Santiago Arana | Photo courtesy of The Agency

Santiago Arana

The Agency

Celeb clients: Ben Affleck, ex-couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Hot stats: Arana closed $513 million in sales last year

In their words: “One of the greatest things about the high-end areas of the LA market is that, with every recession or down market, we’re the last to fall and the first to bounce back,” Arana said. “I have no doubt in the near future that LA real estate will be on fire again.”

Rochelle Atlas Maize | Nourmand & Associates

Rochelle Atlas Maize

Nourmand & Associates

Celeb run-ins: Atlas Maize repped the seller of a home bought by Neil Diamond

Hot stats: Atlas Maize recently closed $130 million in sales over the course of 12 months

In their words: “[AI will be] the next significant shift in the real estate industry,” Atlas Maize said. “By leveraging AI technologies, I aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions and provide a competitive edge for my clients in the luxury real estate market. The market’s resilience and adaptability will remain key factors in its success.”

Credit: Compass

David Berg and F. Ron Smith


Celeb run-ins: The Compass duo are currently representing a 1920s-era property designed by architect Roland E. Coate and once owned by movie mogul Howard Hughes

Hot stats: The team brought in $427 million in sales volume over the last 12 months

In their words: “High interest rates and measures ULA and GS [a recently approved Santa Monica transfer tax] have certainly impacted sales prices and the number of deals this year,” David Berg said.

Ernie Carswell | Douglas Elliman

Ernie Carswell

Douglas Elliman

Celeb clients: Fashion designer Sue Wong

Hot stats: Carswell is currently representing a $38.5 million Pasadena compound that includes a movie theater and an art museum

In their words: In the last year, Carswell repped “a Beverly Hills luxury listing that received 17 offers over four months but took that much market time and effort in order to find its perfect buyer. It reminded me to never give up, the buyer is always out there.”

Jordan Cohen | RE/MAX

Jordan Cohen


Celeb clients: Bret Michaels, Sylvester Stallone

Hot stats: Jordan Cohen is the No. 1 RE/MAX agent worldwide and typically nets $300 million in annual sales

In their words: “I’ve sold homes from TMZ, I’ve sold homes from Instagram,” Cohen said. “My job as a Realtor is to really maximize the exposure of the home. It’s to get people aware of the properties that they might not become aware of otherwise. A good Realtor is going to try and get you aware of their listings through social media, print, all the hustle.”

Aileen Comora and Paul Lester | The Agency

Aileen Comora and Paul Lester

The Agency

Celeb clients: Heir to the Hamm’s Beer fortune and Get Out producer Edward Hamm Jr.

Hot stats: The team typically nets more than $250 million in annual sales

In their words: “Whereas last year at this time you might have seen 40 trades above a certain threshold in certain neighborhoods, you are seeing a third of that activity,” Paul Lester said. Teammate Aileen Comora added, “It has been quite a new experience from the past. Everything that is going on with the economy makes this business challenging, and also one must be even more creative and communicative with clients.”

Chris Cortazzo | Compass

Chris Cortazzo


Celeb clients: Tom Petty

Hot stats: Chris Cortazzo has netted more than $8 billion in career sales

In their words: “I build relationships and my real estate network on integrity, trust and understanding my market,” Cortazzo said.

Drew Fenton | Carolwood Estates

Drew Fenton

Carolwood Estates

Celeb clients: Cher, Justin Timberlake

Hot stats: Carolwood, which Fenton launched in November, has transacted $1.3 billion in 2023 thus far

In their words: “The market has seen its highs and lows,” Fenton said. “There have been several record sales and there will continue to be incredible trophy properties that transact at higher and higher prices.”

Sally Forster Jones | Sally Forster Jones Group

Sally Forster Jones


Celeb clients: Celebrity architectural designer Jae Omar

Hot stats: Sally Forster Jones has closed more than $10 billion in career sales

In their words: “When I first started, I wish I had known that it really is an all-hours, every-weekend business and that I would sometimes get even less sleep than when I was raising young kids,” Forster Jones said. “Sleep deprivation aside, I really do love what I do, and I wouldn’t trade a thing.”

Josh Flagg | Douglas Elliman

Josh Flagg

Douglas Elliman

Celeb clients: Celeb talent agent Tracey Jacobs

Hot stats: Josh Flagg repped both sides in the sale of the former Doris Day estate in Beverly Hills earlier this year for $16.5 million — the third time he’s sold the property

In their own words: “The biggest challenges right now are the ULA tax, the proposed Wildlife Ordinance [to limit development size in hillside areas of LA] and higher interest rates,” Flagg said. “However, something to keep in mind is that the government was printing money essentially and 2 percent interest rates were a fantasy. People just need to realize that was a moment in time and that’s gone.”

Tomer Fridman | Compass

Tomer Fridman


Celeb clients: The Kardashian Jenners, fashion designer Eva Chow

Hot stats: Tomer Fridman has closed more than $690 million in transactions in the last 12 months

In their own words: “I am extremely hands-on in whatever transpires throughout the deal or listing,” Fridman said. “At the end of the day, these are typically my clients’ homes and not just investment assets. I do my best to give honest and effective advice to protect them.”

Carl Gambino | Compass

Carl Gambino


Celeb clients: Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles, Mark Wahlberg

Hot stats: Gambino co-represented the sale of Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Park estate for $55 million in February

In their own words: “We’ve achieved record-breaking sales in multiple U.S. markets,” Gambino said. “The marketability of these sales and the ability to service our clients on a national scale has been a breakthrough for us. In one instance, we sold a client’s house in LA for $35 million and their townhouse in New York City for $23 million.”

Ginger Glass | Credit: Compass

Ginger Glass


Celeb clients: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Hot stats: Ginger Glass has 20 years of legal experience as an attorney, and has sold more than $3 billion in real estate during her career

In their own words: “I started my career by doing what I know works in all professions: Working seven days a week, sitting at open houses and asking questions to become a better agent every single day,” Glass said. “I started humble and will continue to stay this way.”

Jon Grauman and Adam Rosenfeld | The Agency

Jon Grauman and Adam Rosenfeld

The Agency

Celeb run-ins: Grauman repped the seller of a Beverly Hills Post Office home purchased by Adele’s manager Jonathan Dickins in March for $11.7 million

Hot stats: Grauman and Rosenfeld closed $567 million in sales in the last 12 months

In their own words: “I am hopeful that we’ll see interest rates start to creep down next year, and as that happens, more buyers will be enticed to reenter the market,” Grauman said. “The current stranglehold on the real estate market is only temporary. There is a pent-up demand for housing that is growing every day. As buyers begin to reengage with the market, we can anticipate a surge in both competition and property prices. This anticipated escalation will likely serve as the precursor to the next real estate boom.”

David Parnes and James Harris | The Agency

James Harris and David Parnes

The Agency

Celeb clients: Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford

Hot stats: The team helped broker the sale of the $21 million penthouse at The Century, which was the priciest condo sale in L.A. in the last 12 months

In their own words: “We also broke the record of the highest-priced condominium sale per square foot in Los Angeles with the sale of Residence 902 at Pendry Residences West Hollywood,” Parnes said.

Juliette Hohnen | Douglas Elliman

Juliette Hohnen

Douglas Elliman

Celeb clients: Actor Eric Idle, writer-producer Chris Weitz, director Tom Shadyac

Hot stats: Hohnen sold Eric Idle’s Hollywood Hills home this year in a $6.5 million all-cash deal to a British heiress

In their own words: “The thing that broke through for me was presenting my listings in terms of lifestyle and targeting a specific type of buyer for each property,” Hohnen said. “You can’t just hire a stager; you have to go beyond what is available to every other Realtor. I pick furniture for my stager and she buys it for my listings. I use really incredible photographers, and if other agents start using my photographers, I find new ones. I don’t want my listings to look like everyone else’s.”

Jonathan Mogharrabi and Marci Kays | Carolwood Estates

Marci Kays and Jonathan Mogharrabi

Carolwood Estates

Celeb clients: Brad Pitt

Hot stats: The team has sold $137 million in the last 12 months

In their own words: “We each bring a unique style and personality to the mix,” Kay said. “To have the support of each other makes what we do that much more enjoyable.”

Aaron Kirman | AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate

Aaron Kirman

AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate

Celeb clients: Tinder co-founder Sean Rad, designer Tyler Ellis

Hot stats: In the last year, Kirman sold $1.7 billion in sales volume

In their own words: “There’s nothing we won’t do for our clients,” Kirman said. “We’re in a service-based business and cater to every need, from selling their homes to assisting with private jet charters. I’m connected to some of the world’s most influential people, and I leverage these connections to assist my clients in various ways, ensuring both their professional and personal lives thrive.”

David Kramer | Hilton & Hyland

David Kramer

Hilton & Hyland

Celeb clients: DJ Zedd, Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone

Hot stats: Kramer repped the $37 million sale of Ecclestone’s estate to LA Clippers player Russell Westbrook last October

In their own words: “I feel that understanding a client’s needs is the first part of going above and beyond for a client,” Kramer said. “Our client base is very diverse and discerning, so everyone is going to have different needs. Having had a lot of therapy in my life was probably one of the most helpful things in learning how to be a real estate agent. It allows me to understand their needs and have empathy at some of the most stressful times in people’s lives.”

Brett Lawyer | Carolwood Estates

Brett Lawyer

Carolwood Estates

Celeb clients: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Hot stats: Lawyer closed $202 million in sales volume in the last 12 months

In their own words: “I continue to be very inspired by serving my current and evolving client base,” Lawyer said. “Each day is an adventure and discovery of extraordinary people and architecture.”

Linda May | Carolwood Estates

Linda May

Carolwood Estates

Celeb run-ins: May is co-representing, with Brett Lawyer, Castillo del Lago, the former Lake Hollywood home of Madonna

Hot stats: May closed $286 million in sales volume in the last year

In their own words: “Listings are always the most important part of your real estate practice,” May said. “Sellers will be more reluctant if they don’t have a clear vision of where they are going. It’s very much a two-part process, now more than ever.”

Tyrone McKillen | Official

Tyrone McKillen


Celeb clients: Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Hot stats: McKillen is currently representing The Cantilever House, a modern 11,100-square-foot home in Malibu, for $69.5 million

In their own words: “We’ve really started to market the fact that we run a luxury development company as well as market and sell luxury properties,” McKillen said. “This is one of our biggest differntiators and has helped us win and sell a lot of product in the past year.”

Drew Meyers | Westside Estate Agency

Drew Meyers

Westside Estate Agency

Celeb clients: Music exec Scooter Braun

Hot stats: Meyers became a partner at Westside Estate Agency this year and co-repped both sides of the sale of Santa Monica’s former Broad Art Foundation Building to Scooter Braun for $25.9 million

In their own words: Of the location of the former Mary Tyler Moore house in Bel-Air Country Club, for which he repped the buyer, Meyers said, “You can always replicate a home, but you can’t replicate land. Owning on one of the top five most exclusive golf courses in Los Angeles is like owning gold, and it will only go up in value over the years.”

Jade Mills | Coldwell Banker

Jade Mills

Coldwell Banker

Celeb run-ins: Jade Mills repped a Malibu property purchased by Byron Allen for $100 million, and the sellers of another Malibu home purchased by Kim Kardashian for $70 million

Hot stats: Mills has sold more than $8 billion in real estate over the course of her career

In their own words: “I consistently strive to exceed client expectations by prioritizing their comfort and security throughout the buying or selling process,” Mills said. “To me, luxury isn’t just about lavishness; it’s about creating an atmosphere where clients feel genuinely at ease.”

David Offer | Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

David Offer

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

Celeb clients: Actor Alexandra Daddario

Hot stats: Offer was the No. 2 individual agent in Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ global network in 2022, and has sold over $4.4 billion in real estate over the course of his career

In their own words: “I generally do not market myself as much as most other agents out there,” Offer said. “[I] tend to work with people I have worked with in the past or their referrals.”

Jason Oppenheim | The Oppenheim Group

Jason Oppenheim

The Oppenheim Group

Celeb run-ins: In recent years, Oppenheim has become a celebrity in his own right, having gained more widespread recognition on the Netflix series’ Selling Sunset and Selling the OC, which highlight agents and properties from The Oppenheim Group

Hot stats: Oppenheim has sold $419 million in real estate in the last 12 months

In their own words: “The mansion tax and high interest rates have really stalled the luxury market,” Oppenheim said. “This has been my slowest year in over a decade, but it can only go up from here.”

Tami Pardee | Pardee Properties

Tami Pardee

Pardee Properties

Celeb clients: Singer Doja Cat

Hot stats: Pardee has sold $521 million in real estate in the last 12 months

In their own words: “It’s very interesting,” Pardee said. “It’s both a buyer’s and a seller’s market. This is rare — there is low inventory, so it’s a seller’s market, yet the high interest rates make it a buyer’s market. It’s really case-by-case on what strategy to use when selling or buying right now.”

Kurt Rappaport | Westside Estate Agency

Kurt Rappaport

Westside Estate Agency

Celeb clients: Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Seacrest

Hot stats: Rappaport recently represented both sides of California’s priciest deal to close ever — the $200 million purchase of a compound in Malibu by Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Joyce Rey | Coldwell Banker

Joyce Rey

Coldwell Banker

Celeb clients: Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford

Hot stats: Rey has closed more than $6 billion in career sales

In their own words: “Our market relies on both successful business entrepreneurs and celebrities, and, unfortunately, the number of sales is dramatically down,” Rey said. “Clearly the lack of inventory and the high interest rates are taking a large toll on the luxury market.”

Morgan Trent | AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate

Morgan Trent

AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate

Celeb clients: NBA player Russell Westbrook, MLB player Mookie Betts, designer Tyler Ellis

Hot stats: Trent recently co-represented the $25 million sale of the late American TV writer Steven Bochco’s Pacific Palisades property

In their own words: “I started selling homes in LA organically,” Trent said. “I met a few clients playing golf that asked me to sell their homes off market … and I did. After a couple of big sales, I was on my way.”

Tracy Tutor, Million Dollar Listing

Tracy Tutor | Douglas Elliman

Tracy Tutor

Douglas Elliman

Celeb run-ins: Tutor represented a property in Malibu by architect John Lautner that she ended up selling to director Edward Norton in 2017 for $11.8 million

Hot stats: Tudor is currently representing the modern Villa Kuro in Joshua Tree for $1.749 million

In their own words: On her recent expansion into Texas, Tutor said, “The migration to Texas from California has been [palpable] in the past three years. Providing our clients in California with seamless representation in the Texas market was the smartest move I have made in the last year.”

Mauricio Umansky | The Agency

The Umansky Team

The Agency

Celeb clients: Michael Jackson, Prince

Hot stats: Mauricio Umansky is co-representing developer Nick Candy’s $85 million-listed estate in Holmby Hills

In their own words: “We genuinely have a great time and love supporting each other,” Umansky says of his real estate team, which includes several of his family members. “It’s great to have a group of people you trust to bounce ideas off of and talk through deals with.”

Branden and Rayni Williams | The Beverly Hills Estates

Branden and Rayni Williams

The Beverly Hills Estates

Celeb clients: Drake, Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin

Hot stats: Branden and Rayni Williams closed $1.4 billion in transactions in the last 12 months

In their own words: “I got my start from the bottom and used my work ethic to fit puzzle pieces together and crack the code to get to the top,” Rayni Williams said of her career beginnings. “I had no formal training or guidebook on how to do it — simply was led by intuition and hard work. I don’t wish I knew anything then I know now as I wouldn’t have made it knowing how hard it would be.”

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