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This group of individuals was hit harder by the recession than any other group and still haven’t recovered as fully as salaried workers, which is considered a factor
Jan 29
Research found that the sales of homes within close proximity to 12 professional sports team stadiums outpaced the overall metropolitan markets 80% of the time
Jan 16
The FHA's new "floor" will be $314,827 for single-family homes in most of the nation's 3,000-plus counties
Dec 28
Single women own 22% of owner-occupied homes in the US, while bachelors only claim 13% of those abodes
Dec 18
Having fewer homebuilders, in a post-Great Recession world, has led to price volatility, smaller production numbers and fewer unsold units according to new research from Johns Hopkins
Dec 14
The number of package theft victims is up 2.6M from just two years ago, according to a study from insuranceQuotes.com
Dec 11
This generation has similar income and asset levels as most homebuyers, but they think about carrying credit differently, according to VantageScore Solutions’ latest study
Dec 11
1 in 7 are tapping secured financing, and they’re spending triple the amount a typical cash-paying renovator would, according to a Houzz-Bank of America study
Dec 5