Veronika's Stories

Kim Hamaura Phillips is a Canadian RE/MAX agent currently stranded in Japanese seas
Feb 10
Video footage shows 3 men and 3 women leaving the home
Feb 6
Kentucky Realtor Michaelle Warner has been posing in movie-themed ads since last year
Feb 5
Chicago police handed out a series of charges after arriving at the scene of a rap video shoot in a commercial Airbnb and finding 20 illegal guns
Feb 4
Idaho, Maine and Wyoming experienced the highest price growth in the country
Feb 4
The partnership with QuickBuy will give clients the option to get an immediate offer on their home or time to do better than the initial offer through QuickBuy Lock
Feb 3
Some rooms will look like retro video games while others will have a futuristic theme
Feb 3
'Innovation has to come from startups,' Divvy Homes CEO Adena Hefets told an ICNY panel
Feb 3