Winter blues getting you down? Here’s how to chase them away
If some days feel a bit like a strugglebus, take some time to take for a little self-care. You'll find yourself motivated all winter long
by Rachael Hite Jan 27
The biggest benefit of agent healthcare benefits? Happiness
Real estate agents need healthcare like everyone else, but they face significant challenges when it comes to actually getting it, according to Inman's Agent Appreciation survey results
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 24
The agent who knows every inch of his Pacific Northwest island market
This week, Jason Shutt, a broker at Windermere Real Estate on Bainbridge Island, Washington, seals the deal after sweating the results of a septic system inspection
by Inman Jan 23
How (and when) to say 'no'
It’s a tough skill to learn, but setting your boundaries with a polite — but firm — 'No' is an essential way to control your time, energy and professional life
Pulse: How do you treat yourself?
Spa days, brunch and mimosas, reading on the beach, drinks with the ladies, broing out on the weekend — whatever you do to take time for you, we want to hear about it
by Inman Jan 22
Pulse: How could your brokerage be improved? 15 suggestions from agents
Readers sounded off on changes they wish their brokerages would make
by Inman Jan 21
How Dash Longe shredded his path from skiing to real estate
Professional skier Dash Longe shares his unique journey from globetrotting full-time skier to Park City luxury real estate agent
by Marian McPherson Jan 20
Money matters — but only up to a point
Agents tend to be satisfied with their income, a new survey from Inman suggests. But many also believe that after a certain point, money can't buy happiness
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 17
The agent working to close a $1.3M deal while quail hunting in Arizona
This week, Sean Hahn goes quail hunting, competes in a mountain bike race and meets the boy interested in his daughter — all while negotiating a million-dollar deal
by Inman Jan 16
Why it’s time to truly recognize real estate agents
Real estate agents never quit the hustle, and it's time to show them some appreciation
by Teresa Boardman Jan 16
Dollars and Sense: How to get more out of your career
Money, satisfaction, enjoyment: Here’s how to get more of everything you’re looking for from your job
Pulse: How could your brokerage be improved?
Agents are out in the trenches every day, pounding pavement, making deals happen. This week, we want to hear about how your brokerage could take better care of its hardest-working assets
by Inman Jan 15
When is enough, enough? Don't overextend for baseless goals
Don’t just pull a random number out of the air. Take time to look at how you want to live, analyze your sales data and develop some real goals
Pulse: How do you show appreciation to agents? Readers weigh in
Giving out gift cards, throwing holiday parties and offering a free stay in your second home (if you have one) were among suggestions from readers
by Teke Wiggin Jan 14
Managing broker Jackie Soto is bringing her chair to the table
Divergent Realty managing broker Jackie Soto shares her passion for real estate, collaboration and fostering more diversity industrywide
by Marian McPherson Jan 13
The work-life conundrum
A new survey from Inman showed that agents are relatively content with their work, though they are also putting in very long hours and devoting their weekends to their jobs
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 10