How to work with financial advisers to help clients navigate the market
Real estate pros and financial advisers can help clients make informed decisions, writes Michael Conticelli, whether buying a home or building a real estate portfolio
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Equity Angels offers a new approach to proptech, innovation
Kenya Burrell Van Wormer and Katherine Winston are using their new initiative to support 'underrepresented, underestimated and underutilized' entrepreneurs
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Survive real estate by combatting indecision, inventory, interest rates
Indecision, inventory and interest rates are the biggest challenges COO Stephen Meadows sees coming in 2024. Here's how companies and agents can face them and thrive
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9 ways to heat up a freezing-cold listing this winter
What happens when snow isn't fresh? It loses its appeal. It's the same with listings, Coach Darryl Davis writes, so here's how to warm up your listings to keep them fresh
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Here are 9 of the biggest rookie mistakes agents are making
You took a look around and shared with us the biggest mistakes new agents are making right now and what they need to do instead
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Tech trends at CES 2024 point to transformational change
Smart home expert Brandon Doyle checked out this year's Consumer Electronics Show, highlighting tech elements today's homebuyers and homeowners want to know more about
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How I would invest $2,500 in my real estate business in 2024
What we invest in, we can expect to grow. That’s why Jimmy Burgess recommends choosing one of these areas to invest in if you want big returns this year
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Simple strategies for feeling great and keeping healthy
If your 2024 resolutions included health and fitness goals, trainer Bernice Ross offers a collection of great advice to help you stay on track
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Identifying and managing real estate's energy vampires
Effectively managing energy vampires and chaotic personalities is crucial in maintaining a positive and productive business environment, writes Nikki Beauchamp
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You told us about the worst experience you had with an agent
We asked about your worst run-in with a real estate agent, and you delivered. Here are your agent horror stories
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9 must-do moves to dodge the agent exodus
If you want to be a top-performing agent in 2024 — one who stays for the long haul — prioritize skill development to best adapt to the changing market, coach Darryl Davis writes
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10 things to do right now, so you're not in the next wave of agent exits
Team leader Carl Medford and his regional mastermind developed these 10 strategies to help you return to the fundamentals and take on the challenges and opportunities 2024 has in store
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This Black History Month, it's time to put people over profits
Coach Lee Davenport talks to Richard and Leah Rothstein, bestselling authors of 'Just Action,' about the proactive steps we can take to help legacy residents flourish in the face of gentrification
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Put this 'ONE Thing' goal-setting strategy to work in 2024
'The ONE Thing' author Jay Papasan says goal setting to the now allows you to work backward from your long-term goals and figure out what you can do today to make them a reality
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3 ways to support diversity in the Hispanic real estate community
America's population is continuing to change, writes Tina Lapp. Generate success for diverse communities, whether they are new agents entering the field or clients looking to buy a home
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Shortcuts to success: Listen and learn from these 5 people
Stop trying to reinvent the wheel in your business. According to Jimmy Burgess, there are 5 people who already offer a roadmap to your professional destination
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