23 video content ideas every real estate agent should make in 2023
Whether you’re going all in on video in 2023 or creating your first, these ideas will get you in front of more potential clients, position you as the local expert and get your creative juices flowing
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 19
11 must-read books for 2023
The best real estate books include real-world stories and actionable advice. Curate your reading list for 2023 with these suggestions
by Brandon Doyle Jan 18
RE/MAX launches ad campaign highlighting the agent's value
With the tagline, 'The right agent can lead the way,' the campaign includes broadcast spots and digital assets that show RE/MAX agents are equipped to help consumers through any market
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 17
Pulse: Here are the folks who've meant a lot to your career
In good times and bad times, there are some folks you can just count on. You told us about those who have made a difference in your career
by Inman Jan 17
4 ways to show your professional network you appreciate them
Showing gratitude isn't something to do just at the holidays. Make it part of every day to grow and nurture your network
by Nicole Beauchamp Jan 16
What you can do to support and empower women in 2023
It's a new year, but women agents still face decades-old challenges. Make these strategic moves to elevate your career and support women in the housing industry
by Amie Quirarte Jan 14
Ramping up referral business is more important than ever in 2023
Uncertainty is putting pressure on real estate agents' databases. Hot leads have simmered, and suddenly business is harder to come by. That's why referrals are more valuable than ever
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 13
Go pro! 23 reasons top agents stand out among amateurs
When markets get tough, and 2023 is certainly shaping up that way, it's the professionals who come out in the winner’s circle while the amateurs are left standing on the sidelines
by Carl Medford Jan 11
2023 is going to be alright
You've got 365 days to work with in 2023. Whatever your circumstances, that adds up to (at least) 365 opportunities in the coming year
by Teresa Boardman Jan 11
How did you know real estate was for you? Agents share their stories
From increasing their income and flexibility to helping others find a home, here’s why real estate agents do what they do
by Jessi Healey Jan 11
You told us about your biggest win in 2022: Pulse
We asked you to brag a little and tell us all about your biggest win of 2022. Thank you for letting us celebrate your success with you
by Inman Jan 10
Lesson Learned: Take time for you
Find out how this luxury agent developed his high-flying real estate career without ever losing sight of his passions and interests
by Christy Murdock Jan 10
Show your agents love — and build their businesses
It's the middle of winter, and your team is wrestling with new habits and resolutions. Show them appreciation with tools that will help them capture business, not just words of encouragement
by Rachael Hite Jan 10
Top 10 never-fail home staging tips for agents
When done right, staging evokes a stronger emotional tie for buyers, which translates to a greater commitment to the home
by Misty Soldwisch Jan 6
How do you build trust? Know more than your competition
There is a great deal of data out there, but understanding how to provide context and meaning can help you set yourself apart
by Nicole Beauchamp Jan 6
Secrets of mega-producer success: Next-leveling your community service
In part two of this two-part series, Bernice Ross interviews mega-producers who focus on giving back to their communities in a big way
by Bernice Ross Jan 5