Texas adjusts to growing pains as outside buyers jockey for homes
With an influx of tech and entertainment giants like Tesla and Universal Studios, not to mention a rising tide of millennial buyers, Texas is bursting at the seams as agents rush to find new listings
by Marian McPherson Jul 28
Texas surged during COVID. Now, its luxury markets are being tested
Droves of people have flocked to Texas for new jobs, tax and affordability purposes, and political reasons, and demand from this new class of wealthy buyers is stretching luxury inventory thin
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 28
Luxury Spotlight: Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana
Driven in part by the popularity of the television series 'Yellowstone,' this area has experienced a surge of interest from high-net-worth-clients
by Robyn Erlenbush Jul 28
'Fight it tooth and nail,' LA agents warn as Chicago mulls mansion tax
As Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson narrows in on a 2.65% tax on purchases of properties over $1M, luxury real estate agents in Los Angeles offered their advice to concerned Windy City agents
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 27
Amid the steel and glass, a warmer, fuzzier Billionaires' Row emerges
As Billionaires' Row continues to reshape Manhattan's skyline one 'supertall' at a time, agents say a new class of buyer is gradually reshaping the demographics of New York's most exclusive block
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 21
New Yorkers are white-knuckling a turbulent summer buyer's market
Like the energy of its premier city, homebuyers and sellers in New York State are grappling with a rollercoaster summer, with extreme buyers' and sellers' markets taking consumers on a wild ride
by Marian McPherson Jul 21
Josh Flagg buys $4.25M Miami home with business partners
The 'Million Dollar Listing' star bought the Mediterranean-style villa with Adam Rubin and Andrew Shanfeld, according to a report. Last year, he bought a $9.2M property in Beverly Hills
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 20
These 4 differentiators help you stand out in a competitive market
In a competitive market, it takes more to make an impact. Find out how to create a reputation that resonates with buyers and sellers
by Jeremy Pierce Jul 20
The Agency Dallas adds on several top producers in the region
The office launched in January 2023 and in the last 3 months has brought on 4 big regional names as well as 5 other high-performing luxury agents, according to the luxury brokerage
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 19
Here are your most outlandish requests from luxury clients
From the out-of-touch to the out-of-line, here are some of the outrageous expectations luxury clients have
by Inman Jul 19
Butterfly House sells for $29M in one of Carmel's priciest deals yet
Named for its distinctive wing-shaped roof that resembles a butterfly, the property was designed and built by architect Frank Wynkoop in 1951. It marks one of the priciest sales ever in the area
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 18
Lesson Learned: Lean into your own unique strengths
Find out how New York City's Burt Savitsky helps clients navigate the complexities of the co-op board approval process while making the most his own inimitable style
by Christy Murdock Jul 18
35 Hudson Yards still sits half empty 10 years later: Report
About 4 years after sales launched, Related is offering price cuts and to cover buyers' closing costs and taxes among other incentives, to try and move more units, according to a report
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 17
Lesson Learned: Here's what it takes to sell a luxury Legacy
In honor of Luxury Month, Troy Palmquist sits down with Austin, Texas, luxury agent Bridget Ramey for a one-on-one in her spectacular Lake Austin listing
by Troy Palmquist Jul 15
Cash is still king as Florida agents navigate 'wonkiest market' in years
As the summer housing market in Florida heats up, homebuyers and sellers are discovering a tale of 2 markets that offers opportunities for luxury buyers — and next to nothing for everyone else
by Marian McPherson Jul 14
From ship to shore: How yachts fuel Florida's luxury real estate pipeline
Every year, the world's wealthiest people descend on Florida's aquamarine waters. But for dedicated yachters, significant real estate investments typically follow, luxury agents told Inman
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 14