How to reduce your income taxes legally using real estate investing
Tax strategist David A. Perez helps real estate investors plan ahead to minimize their tax burden. Find out how his strategies can work for both active and passive investors
by Bernice Ross Jun 27
Nearly 1 out of every 10 homes sold in Q1 was flipped: Report
Home-flipping activity remained high during the first 3 months of the year after a sharp drop. Profits also rose slightly, according to property data firm Attom
by Taylor Anderson Jun 22
Ready to start investing? Here are the ins and outs to get you started
If you're just starting out, here's how to choose your investment property and increase its value for maximum return on investment
by Bernice Ross Jun 22
The Netherlands let cities ban landlords. Here’s what happened
Home prices stayed roughly the same, but rents climbed higher. Researchers say the Dutch experiment undercut supply, though it's unclear exactly how it would play out in the US
by Taylor Anderson Jun 20
See inside Walt Disney's former home that rents for $40K a month
The home Disney built in the early 1930s and lived in for nearly 2 decades, while releasing some of his company's most iconic films, is available for rent in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood
by Taylor Anderson Jun 20
Why self-storage and real estate leap-frog traditional investments
Self-storage and real estate investments provide returns and benefits that traditional investments may not offer, making them an attractive option for investors looking to diversify
by Victoria Kennedy Jun 20
Women are masters of the financial universe. They just don’t know it
Within the next 5 to 8 years, women will control an astounding $32T of the country’s wealth. Sadly, many are totally unprepared to handle what’s ahead
by Bernice Ross Jun 17
Want to buy a home? It'll cost you $1,030 a month more than renting
The premium for buying a home is now 17% higher than it was a year ago thanks to high interest rates and stubborn home prices, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting
by Taylor Anderson Jun 15
These barriers to entry keep you from investing in real estate
Here's why some real estate professionals use their expertise and knowledge to invest in real estate and others don't
by Inman Jun 14
Low inventory propped up price growth this spring
US home values grew 1.4% between April and May of 2023 — slower than the past 2 springs but faster than both the 2018 and 2019 spring markets
by Ben Verde Jun 12
This semi-retired broker is shifting the conversation around ADUs
As the ADU trend continues to gain traction, Kendyl Young's role in equipping agents with the tools they need to navigate this new landscape is vital
by Brandon Doyle Jun 6
Does this financial analyst have an economic crystal ball?
Could an obscure chart provide a roadmap for investment? Bernice Ross talks with money mentor Chris Naugle about a little-known pattern of economic trends dating back to the 19th century
by Bernice Ross Jun 5
Airbnb sues New York City over 'de facto ban' on short-term rentals
The company says only nine of its nearly 40,000 units in New York have been approved under the new law — which Airbnb claims is meant to drive out short-term rentals
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 2
Investment activity tallies record fall as purchases tumble 49% in Q1
Overall home purchases dropped 41%, suggesting investors have pulled back from the market more than consumers during a period of high rates and volatile home prices, according to Redfin
by Taylor Anderson Jun 1
Here's where you draw the line on social media content
With so many different social media vibes, we asked Inman readers: Where's the line between personal and professional on social media?
by Inman May 31
9 questions second-homebuyers should ask themselves before the search
Make sure your second-homebuyers are truly ready for their purchase by asking these questions before beginning the home search
by Santiago Arana Nov 1