Save and share this helpful infographic with your clients
by Jake Durtschi | Jun 27
Lower income markets outpaced in regard to income growth percentage
by Britt Chester | Sep 21
Did you write a real estate book in 2015? You could win money and recognition from a prestigious journalism organization
by Inman | Mar 7
'Over 6,800 agents chose to join Re/Max in 2015, our largest agent count gain in ten years,' said Liniger
by Amber Taufen | Feb 25
Purchase loan originations fell 24 percent quarter-over-quarter thanks to challenges posed by the complex regulation, according to RealtyTrac report
by Amy Tankersley | Feb 18
Tiny houses, she sheds, urban farming and millennial homebuyers make this list of fads
by Rachael Hite | Jan 6

Yesterday, we shared the first half of our top 50 countdown — the stories that got the most attention in 2015. If you’ve absorbed Nos. 26 through 50 and you’re ready for more, dive into the second half. Here are the top stories from 2015, Nos. 1 through 25. Enjoy!

by Amber Taufen | Jan 1

It was a busy year for the editorial team at Inman, with plenty of big stories to choose from. We decided to curate the 50 that made the biggest splash and present them for your reading pleasure. Here’s the first half of our top 50 — Nos. 26 through 50. Enjoy!

by Amber Taufen | Dec 31

It’s a good thing stories aren’t children, because writers (and editors, and publishers) definitely have their favorites. These weren’t necessarily the most-read or most popular stories on Inman this year, but they were the ones we liked the best. Enjoy!

by Inman | Dec 24
Rebels, CEOs, power brokers, misfits, deal-makers, newbies and innovators
by Inman | Dec 15
Be the beginning of a whole new era in real estate
by Leigh Brown | Dec 15
Online portal reports strong financial results for Q3
by Inman | Nov 3
The Lion&Orb founder shares his event experience
by Audie Chamberlain | Oct 29
A Luxury Connect attendee shares her big lessons learned
by Debbi DiMaggio | Oct 28
They have a different outlook than previous generations, but they're buying homes
by Vineeta Tiwari | Oct 9