We've all dealt with impossible client expectations and demands. Here's how to stay level-headed through contentious transactions
by Missy Yost | Nov 15
In the quest to establish a robust real estate investment portfolio, big cities are ripe with opportunity — and with risk.
by Romana King | Jul 15
Only certain kinds of buyers are interested in these kinds of homes, so a one-size-fits-all marketing approach will not produce optimal results
by Bill Gassett | Jul 9
Strip away the glamour of a name listed at the top of the sales charts and you'll find a path forged with patience, consistency and the sweat of hard work
by Patrick Kearns | Apr 23

As part of her 10 Questions podcast series, F.C. Tucker broker Angela Raab sits down with her colleague and top-producing agent, Sonnie Laviolette, to ask Laviolette 10 questions about building a business and career in real estate.

by Angela Raab | Feb 3
Defending yourself online isn't always helpful
by Chris Lazarus | Feb 1
OpesView mobile app enables buyers to get a full picture of their financial future
by Amy Tankersley | Nov 29
Some people get sick of paying another person's mortgage
by Peter Lorimer | Sep 2
Nobody wants a call from a client about a busted toilet
by Peter Lorimer | Aug 26
Obstacles are a lot easier to clear with flexibility and an open heart
by Inman | Aug 24

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates talks about the process of turning contacts into clients.

by Peter Lorimer | Aug 22
Nobody's too cool for a to-do list
by Peter Lorimer | Aug 15

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates breaks down what to expect during a final walk through before purchasing a home.

by Peter Lorimer | Aug 4
Be bold in an ocean of vanilla
by Peter Lorimer | Aug 1
Don't be obsessed with tradition and cold leads
by Peter Lorimer | Jul 21