You can't tell an agent what to wear, I said. Then you responded
Inman Contributor Rachael Hite wrote 'I'm a real estate agent. You can't tell me what to wear on the job' back in February as a response to an agent-broker perspective article. She couldn't have predicted the outsized response that followed
by Rachael Hite Apr 6
Time for an email upgrade? Here's how to keep it professional
Whether you are a new agent or seasoned professional, your email address is often your first impression with clients. If your email is in desperate need of an upgrade, these simple tips will help you create a new email address with ease using Google Workspace
by Jeff Roth Aug 26
At a glance: 30 etiquette rules for business self-confidence
Here's a quick-hit list to help everyone be better behaved in the office, online and during the transaction process
by Christy Murdock Jun 20
What 'The Office' can teach us about unnecessary workplace drama
There’s enough division and polarization in society; we don’t need it at the office as well. Here’s how to keep the peace and keep everyone on the same page with some insights from the folks at Dunder Mifflin
by Christy Murdock Apr 13
That escalated quickly! 5 ways agents ruin client relationships
Aggravating mistakes end up costing you clients, time and money — and it's your reputation that takes the biggest hit
by Santiago Arana Feb 15
'Be relentless': Real-life advice from agents managing inventory insanity
Real estate professionals out in the field have thoughts and suggestions on how to manage the widespread low inventory this season
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 16
Real estate's competition decree has expired. What's next?
The 10-year-old settlement between the Justice Department and the National Association of Realtors is no more. Are online listings at risk?
Ask the audience: How likable is your headshot?
PhotoFeeler enables agents to have their photos critiqued in a snark-free, professional setting
by Craig C. Rowe May 11
How to keep your composure when real estate clients lose their cool
You're expected to remain professional in every scenario
by Kellie Tinnin Apr 19
A man buttoning up his cufflinks
The largest segment of future homebuyers will have the last word
by Russ Cofano Mar 11
Podcast: 20 proven secrets to dominate your market -- Part 2
Radio show hosts share how to make a lasting first impression
by Tim & Julie Harris Sep 11
Don't just march in there like you own the place
'Stuff' Leigh Brown says
by Inman Oct 14