Industry executives share the challenges of protecting data while pushing innovation during a panel discussion at ICNY 2020
by Inman Feb 3
Publishing tool aims to help agents with the what, how and when of social media marketing
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 14
First reviewed last year, Centriq has drastically improved its home information capture features and partnerships
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Popular CRM rolls out bots for Facebook Messenger and Slack
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A wide selection of features and hands-on customer service make the company stand out
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Software prevents buyers from sharing unnecessary financial information with encrypted certificate
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Tool in beta will officially launch in 2017 to help agents capture clients
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After a couple weeks away from the office, the real estate tech world continues to turn without me
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 24
Don't just Google a potential new client -- "Spokeo" them with the company's new business services
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 21
Catalog styles, photograph striking features and tag designs that catch your eye
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Email is not a good way to manage projects -- Hiver hopes to change that
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Lead generation tool uses an affordable territory bidding system for agents to compete and cooperate
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Value beyond passive marketing information is key
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An overview of the Realtor profile, mobile options and marketing features available
by Rachael Hite Sep 28
The platform lacks visual sophistication but excels in ease of use and functionality
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