Technology for technology’s sake — for bragging rights — is a waste of your time and money. Here's what you should know
by Erica Ramus | Apr 18
Tool in beta will officially launch in 2017 to help agents capture clients
by Craig C. Rowe | Oct 26
The platform lacks visual sophistication but excels in ease of use and functionality
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A new report from Contactually suggests that firms don't pour enough resources into 'sphere of influence' marketing
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So no lead falls through the cracks
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Startup marketing and management tool does much more than assist agents
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Popular CRM launches new mobile experience on Salesforce1 app
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Chrome add-on organizes deal content automatically
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A behind-the-scenes technology company offers brokers a better way to communicate with agents and manage disparate software systems
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A popular app in India that will further devalue the MLS as middle man is soon coming to the U.S., while zipLogix and SIGNiX announced a strengthened relationship
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These updates caught our attention this week
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A true enterprise software system should reflect the way you work, not the other way around
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