Connect Flashback: How one agent sustains 100% referral business
by Inman | Nov 11
In the middle of all the noise of a changing marketplace, stand for something
by Troy Palmquist | Jul 19
Talk is cheap. Backing up that talk with the printed word, available for the world to see, is critical for success. Enter the manifesto
by Jay Thompson | Jun 19
The reputation you gain is the most important part of your branding, and it will ultimately be what makes or breaks you in this business
by Jay Thompson | Jun 12
Combine your unique skills and experience with effective communication, relevant real-time data and a solid list of vetted service providers to take your seller experience to the next level
by Christopher Totaro | Apr 26
Give your clients concierge-level experience by preparing them, removing the pain-points and being their support system
by Su Miao | Apr 19
Make an effort to include details in your customer relationship manager, take the time to schedule reminders, and these touches will help you stay top-of-mind
by Pat Hiban | Mar 29
The Million Dollar Lister gives advice for up-and-coming agents on winning clients, providing unrivaled service and more
by Pat Hiban | Mar 5
By communicating consistently and thoroughly, you’ll have tools at the ready to build relationships that will generate successes far down the road
by Abbey Wostal | Feb 24
Providing excellent customer service is the key to growing regardless of the market
by Marian McPherson | Jan 30
If you dig deep into any of the latest trends, the bottom line is clear: As an industry, we need to keep improving the customer experience
by Brandon Doyle | Jan 29
As more studies reveal the harmful effects of screen time, real estate professionals should focus on real-life experiences rather than digital ones
by Bernice Ross | Dec 26
It's time to get down to brass tacks and focus on what your seller clients really need
by Cara Ameer | Dec 26
Be proactive in warning your clients about the risks and pitfalls, do your best to clean up messes as they occur, seek feedback, and take action quickly
by Bernice Ross | Nov 19