Why the bottom line isn't the only way to measure success anymore
Taking ownership and responsibility in a healthy way is the most powerful business edge you can develop right now
There are 6 months left in 2023. You can still win the year
If you’re coming out of the spring market and feeling disappointed in your progress, it’s time to get back in touch with your 2023 goals
by Troy Palmquist Jul 5
The secret to a happy, loyal team? It starts with accountability
Team members who are achieving their goals don’t leave. If an agent leaves because they don’t like accountability and are not achieving their goals, then love them as they go out the door
by Leslie Guiley Feb 22
Reality check! 5 steps to take before setting next year's goals
As an agent, when it comes to increasing your business in the new year, you need an actionable plan before the year starts if you want to be intentional and strategic about achieving your goals
by Rainy Hake Austin Dec 22
Supercharge your business: 3 strategies for amazing results
Take small steps each day, and let consistent repetition of these behaviors pave the path towards the desired outcomes you aspire to achieve
by Carl Medford Dec 6
Mauricio Umansky's 8 secrets to setting life-changing goals
A successful year begins with setting smart goals and moving forward with an intentional mindset. Keep your eye on the prize, map out your aspirations, and great things will come your way
by Mauricio Umansky Nov 17
All new Agently is the resource your agents needed before they left the business: Tech Review
Agently has shifted from automated, NLP listing descriptions to a full-fledged, task-driven online coaching assistant for new and growing agents
by Craig C. Rowe May 13
Freshly licensed? 10 tips for getting the most out of your career
Money, satisfaction, enjoyment — here’s how to have a more gratifying career
by Christy Murdock Jul 7
Time is money! A guide to hosting productive real estate meetings
Effective meeting leadership means having a purpose, sticking to your agenda and never wasting anyone's time
by Chris Pollinger Jul 1
3 steps for reevaluating your business goals
Self-evaluation is always important. With limited hours in each day, real estate agents need to figure out how to maximize what they do best. Here are a few things to consider when updating your goals for the year
by Amy Galvin May 24
Agent/broker perspective: How can agents set goals with so much uncertainty?
Start with what you know now, and then as market conditions become more predictable, the agent can set more rigid and challenging goals that keep her reaching for better production and efficiency
by Anthony Askowitz Jan 19
Forget retreats! Here’s how to advance your team virtually
If you’re organizing an end-of-the-year planning session for your team, be sure to include these crucial aspects
by Adam Hergenrother Oct 15
Want to be a top producer? Steal these 6 moves from their playbook
Becoming a top producer comes down to proactively prospecting about 7 hours a week, constantly learning, being emotionally resilient and moving from great to memorable client experiences
by Bernice Ross Aug 26
4 rules for a more effective accountability partnership
Having an accountability partner goes a long way when it comes to setting your goals and taking proactive steps to achieve them. But in order for the relationship to work, there are a few things you need to consider
by Kathleen Black Aug 24