The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau signaled an interest in ending a temporary exemption that allows government-backed loans to exceed 43 percent debt-to-income ratio
by Patrick Kearns | Sep 17
New guidance from HUD and U.S. Treasury would end the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while reforming the Federal Housing Administration
by Patrick Kearns | Sep 6
Big banks are waiting for their opportunity to replace you
by J. Philip Faranda | Oct 13
As technology continues to improve, look for lenders to waive more requirements
by Steve Cook | Sep 15
Trade group won vast majority of races it supported, but Realtor issues remain at risk
by Andrea V. Brambila | Nov 11
And I'm not going to take this anymore
by Rob Chrane | Nov 6
Learn how to find them and what their needs are
by Steve Cook | Oct 14
Fannie Mae survey shows some lenders apply stricter standards than what their investors require, leaving some borrowers out in the cold
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 28
Stay tuned, it's all about to change
by Steve Cook | Jul 20
Government-sponsored enterprise marks 14th consecutive quarterly profit
by Amy Tankersley | May 11
Shortfall could impact proposal to increase CEO compensation
by Amy Tankersley | May 8
K-Deal Multifamily Mortgage-Backed Securities program makes GSE one of nation’s largest commercial mortgage credit issuers
by Amy Tankersley | Apr 28
Federal Housing Finance Agency should take steps now to maintain GSEs' role
by Karan Kaul | Apr 16
HomePath Ready Buyer program could save first-time homebuyers up to 3 percent off mortgage closing costs
by Amy Tankersley | Apr 15
Survey suggests buyers who are better informed about the homebuying process get the best deals, but results are still mixed depending on age, race and other factors
by Amy Tankersley | Apr 13