Jeroen Seghers will lead the 2-year-old startup on its quest to provide consumers with the 'last 10 feet' of directions, down to specific doorways and floors
by Craig C. Rowe | Aug 2
A historian and Wikipedia editor teamed up to create a more detailed map of the U.S. population than the U.S. Census official figures.
by Veronika Bondarenko | Mar 16
Updates from Relola and a new live streaming service help industry professionals stay relevant
by Craig C. Rowe | Jul 6
It's one of the first airline transport pilot-owned companies to be granted such status
by Erik Pisor | Aug 4
Thoughts on Zillow buying dotloop and the industry challenge to servicing all clients
by Joseph Rand | Jul 28
BlueQub includes lead and contact management, IDX search, mapping, file sharing, transaction dashboard
by Tom Flanagan | Aug 20
Use MapBox to style maps any way you like
by Gahlord Dewald | May 22
Beefed-up iconic app now anchors the business
by Paul Hagey | Mar 8
Users can provide their own insights through Facebook plug-in
by Inman | Jun 2
Q-and-A with GIS pioneer Donald Cooke
by Inman | May 23
REAL gets green light to argue case against
by Matt Carter | Mar 24
SpatialStream provides heat and trend maps, data visualization
by Inman | Nov 15
Digital Map Products' clients include HAR, DataQuick
by Inman | Aug 24 users will see schools that serve homes in some markets
by Inman | Jul 13
Users can view housing info by congressional district
by Inman | Dec 8