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This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss strategies and tactics for winning bidding wars, which are currently on the rise, and words to avoid during negotiations
by Byron Lazine Sep 4
Agents need to take their clients behind the headlines and explain how New York City's change to brokers' fees could hurt them
by Gina Castrorao Feb 7
Sellers are far more likely to agree to a $300 credit, than replace 30 $10 items, so use safety or failure of an expensive system as your guide
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Use these talking points to show prospective buyer clients how you can save them time
by Marilyn Blume Oct 4
The move represents a sharp break from 600 or so other MLSs nationwide, some of whom have threatened to cut off brokerages who have tried to publicly display commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 23
At this point in the deal, it's in both the buyers' and the sellers' best interest to follow these steps
by Cara Ameer May 15
Help each other to close the deal
by Peter Lorimer Sep 27
The truth about the most important system in your business
Savvy agents use lowball offers as a starting point for negotiations
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Tim Burrell gives 10 secrets to employ while you bargain
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Memorize these questions before you head to your next listing appointment
by Tim & Julie Harris Jun 21
Know these tips before you head to your listing appointment
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I hate to hear agents say that because it means they aren't leading their clients
by Tim Burrell Nov 20