The reputation you gain is the most important part of your branding, and it will ultimately be what makes or breaks you in this business
by Jay Thompson | Jun 12
Carefully choose who you surround yourself with because they will teach you, push you and provide unwavering support along the way
by Gina Castrorao | Apr 11
Keep your pipeline full of people who are close to taking action, and guide them along the way
by Matt Kaestner | Mar 17
Seeking out 'your people' as a rookie is a crucial part of building your career — they’ll pick you up when you're down and help you grow
by David Stroh | Feb 13
Be patient -- this doesn't happen over night
by Rachael Hite | Apr 17
Straight from the mouth of a newbie
by Billy Ekofo | Aug 21
Broker's advice proves invaluable in keeping legal trouble away
by ActiveRain | May 2
Who knew selling a house would have these types of hiccups?
by Bernice Ross | Oct 28
What does it take for new agents to succeed?
by Bernice Ross | Jan 7
Build confidence, expertise with exposure to market niches
by David Fletcher | Apr 13
Realtor Notebook
by Teresa Boardman | Sep 3