After laying off nearly 375 staffers in March, the company has more than 160 openings. It tells Inman that it's a sign of the returning market
by Patrick Kearns Jun 23
Released Wednesday, the app features a portal-like search option and integrates directly into Keller Williams tech platform for agents
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 19
The platform is called WAREhouse and is meant to help agents be more productive and nimble in a changing world
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 17
Prospect Square can compile market reports, send emails and newsletters, and is designed to help agents solidify their position as local experts
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 12
Mainframe Real Estate CEO Sean Frank says his Orlando-based brokerage's new Automated Back End (ABE) is nimbler than larger national competitors
by Jim Dalrymple II May 8
The next round of platform wars will be won by the companies that nail the end-to-end consumer experience
by Bernice Ross May 8
Platforms offer a chance to streamline slow and costly processes, Keller Williams' Adi Pavlovic said at ICNY
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 1
Learn why 'the consumer is looking for an all-inclusive experience'
by Inman Dec 4

U.K. hybrid brokerage Purplebricks charges consumers a set fee to “instruct to sell” — for us Yanks, that means list a home with an agent. The company has expanded to Australia, and now it’s raising funds to bring its tech-based model to the U.S. in the second half of 2017.

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