Price, cost and value: You (and your clients) should be looking at all 3
While often used interchangeably, these three factors speak to different aspects of your business — and your clients’ decision-making process
by Troy Palmquist Jun 10
Ignore your MLS stats and head-in-the-sand optimists
Opinions about appreciation and market speculation are rampant at the water cooler. Before you jump in with your opinion make sure to do the math on your local market
by Jeff Glover Jul 18
Show 'em your value: 7 P's of real estate agent marketing
Success starts with developing a clear understanding of who you are, who your ideal client is and what you offer. Package your services, position yourself for maximum exposure, and develop a process that keeps you top-of-mind
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 17
Get it sold! 7 strategies for nailing your new listing's price
Ultimately, pricing your new listing correctly comes down to whether the seller wants to sell as quickly as possible or achieve the highest price. If you price it just right, however, you may often achieve both. Here are a few strategies
by Bernice Ross Feb 17
Overpriced listing? How to persuade clients to drop that number
If your overpriced listing needs needs a reduction, now’s the time to talk to your sellers. Here are a few strategies and scripts to expand your price negotiation skills
by Bernice Ross Dec 2
Overwhelmed with multiple offers? Here's how to handle them better
In our current market, listing agents are finding their clients being met with multiple offers on their home. To ensure both sides leave the transaction happy, here are a few tips for effectively handling multiple-buyer situations
by Clarence Webb Sep 20
Bu-bye! 9 signs it’s time to cut ties with clients
We can't always spot a bad apple from afar. But here are a few situations when you should say adios
by Nicole Solari Sep 6
Sellers had enough? How to keep emotions in check when fatigue sets in
Expectations drive behavior throughout the sales process. Be sure your clients are in the know, and it'll be a smoother experience all around
by Christy Murdock Aug 6
Facing a buyer’s market? 5 pivots listing agents must make
Agents need to focus on more precise pricing and marketing strategies as the tide turns
by Nicole Solari Jul 9
Why your '999' price strategy is only fooling you
If 50 percent of buyers found their home online, shouldn't we do our best to make sure we're part of their search?
by Troy Palmquist Mar 13
5 ways to keep your seller's expectations in check
Reality bites, so set your clients on the right path early
DocuSign passes Zillow's market cap, and NAR is reaping the rewards
The electronic document signing company closed at $8.66 billion on Friday, ahead of Zillow's $8.56 billion market capitalization
by Patrick Kearns Sep 21
Zillow market cap plummets by $1.6B after mortgage acquisition, earnings
Wall Street is reacting poorly to the company’s latest financials and moves, with stock plummeting more than 17% on Tuesday
by Patrick Kearns Aug 7
10 tips to get the home sold once and for all
When in doubt, do the buyers’ work for them, and be as proactive as possible
by Cara Ameer Aug 17
When the market doesn't want your home listing
Rethink pricing, staging and neighborhood borders before giving up on that unsold listing
by Bernice Ross Jun 26