Homes near Trader Joe's get top dollar. But investors should eye Aldi
Homes near a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's boast higher values, but those near an Aldi grocery store offer something for real estate investors the others can't, according to data from Attom
by Ben Verde Nov 22
How to master inventory in a hot market
What differentiates a rookie from a top-notch, seasoned pro, you ask? Well, it starts with an in-depth knowledge of the market and a knack for accurately gauging property values. Here's how you can hone that skill and set yourself up for long-term success
by Bernice Ross Apr 6
Blue counties yield higher property values, red counties pay fewer taxes
The average home in a Democrat-controlled county is worth 75% more than the typical home in a Republican-controlled county, according to an analysis by Attom Data Solutions
6 tips for helping buyers fall in love with your historic property
You've got to see the diamond in the rough and share that vision with potential buyers
by Kayla Matthews Aug 24
Hurricane Harvey flooding in Port Arthur, TX
Union of Concerned Scientists say 300,000 homes risked over next 30 years, and nearly 2.4 million by end of the century
by Patrick Kearns Jun 17
Local association in spat with mayor over use of 'Realtor' on flyers
The Lompoc Valley Association of Realtors says that mayor Bob Lingl passed out misleading re-election campaign flyers
by Marian McPherson Oct 11
4 landscaping tips to make your sellers' wallets fatter
The yard should be inviting to potential buyers
by Scott Robinson Jun 7
Internet speeds may increasingly affect property values
Survey lends some credence to Google's claim about Google Fiber
by Teke Wiggin May 19
Strategies for avoiding and remedying 'external obsolescence'
by Inman Jan 30
From AOL Real Estate
by Inman Sep 24
Many say impact of unemployment, public perception most significant
by Inman Aug 20
A real estate wake-up call for sellers
by Barry Stone Aug 10
Mortgage tech firm seeks photos, comments from industry professionals
by Inman Jun 21
Questions surface over low appraisal
by Benny Kass Jun 15