The modern hotel-condo combo will provide residents of its new Miami location access to 3 robot butlers
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Maybe you wouldn't let them handle your negotiations, but passing off grunt work sounds pretty good, right?
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The brokerage model is being disrupted by technology that makes it easier for real estate agents to run their own show more efficiently. But could bots — backed by AI, automation and big data — help the big property brands deliver new value to agents?

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Zenplace CEO Rahul Mewawalla and CoreLogic's head of content Kylie Davis say robots could make agents more productive and give them time to 'be human again'
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Amazon is building a series of robots that drive around the home
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Artificial intelligence will create winners and losers in real estate. Which will you be?
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MIT wants its AutoSaw to give people without carpentry skills the ability to make wares that fit their house or apartment. It can even build a full shed.
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Silicon Valley-based property management company aims to shrink vacancy periods with tech-assisted tours
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President of WAV Group Kevin Hawkins talks technology
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We are approaching the 200-year anniversary of the publication of the book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, who began work on the famous novel when she was only 18 years old. That novel marked the beginning of our dread and fear of robots. To imagine humankind inventing a robot that could be both human-like but also a monster is what seems to drive our fear, even to this day.

by Inman | Jun 22