Although planning for the future is crucial for the growth of your business, it's equally important to take some time to pause and reflect on the lessons learned. Here's what one agent gleaned from his near five years of experience in real estate
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Now is the time to take charge and remind yourself that there are still opportunities in today's world. Be proactive, resilient and willing to seek out opportunities even when they're not exactly knocking on your door. Here's how
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In spending so much time at home, some people might be feeling the pressure to be productive and to do more. However, a constant state of busyness is not the only route to success and even more importantly, to fulfillment in life. Here's why
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Top agents didn't get where they are without thought, dedication, perseverance and grit
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To grow and scale your business, you need to be clear on who you are and what you stand for
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What questions should you ask to screen for uber productive agents? What are the attributes of top producers? Real estate coach Jon Cheplak shares his insights
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Don’t wait to be fed information with a silver spoon. Go out, and hunt and forage for what you need to grow
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Keep your eye on the ball, commit to your creativity, and you’ll make an impact
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Rather than falling into the trap of getting stuck on unnecessary distractions, put your energy into these facets of your business instead
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Sidestep the items on this list, and you'll be on the right path
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If you want to be the best you must be obsessed
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By defining your own version of success, keeping a strong value on your time and being consistent, you will win in the long term
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Great team leaders continue to make adjustments and refine their business, skills and systems
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Find what makes you and your vision of the future unique, and see how that's best utilized
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