Why real estate offers the biggest opportunity to new tech companies
The real estate industry is ripe for innovation. As agents continue to struggle to solve big and small problems, new tech is always welcome
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The rise of new technology helps indies compete
Think indie shops can't compete with big-box brokerages? Think again! New technology gives small brokerages big recruiting energy when pitching to new agents
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On a dime: Bootstrap your business with these 8 simple strategies
Four real estate agents share how fellow professionals can reconfigure their budgets and save on everything from tech, marketing, open houses, closing gifts, gas and so much more
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Who owns my data?
From Zillow’s ShowingTime acquisition to pocket listings, RESO's CEO Sam DeBord breaks down all the buzziest tech conversations and debates from Inman Connect
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How indies can teach their agents to showcase their value
By focusing on these 10 simple areas, agents will up their level of service to compete with even the biggest of franchises
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How indies can take advantage of the same tools as franchises
Indie brokers should feel confident in expressing their needs to vendors when shopping around for different services. A little bit of legwork when establishing the relationship can pay off in the long run
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Who’s your target audience? 5 key groups to focus on
As an agent, one of the most important things you can do is understand and identify your target audience so you know exactly how to market to them. Here are five main groups every agent should be paying attention to
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Lesson Learned: Choose the right team
They say you are known by the company you keep. Find out how this Arizona broker leverages partnerships to do more, whatever the market brings her way
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How to craft a plan to get you through this uncertainty
There’s no magic path to surviving and succeeding in this market. With the right mindset, though, you can write your plan to forge ahead with confidence
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Use this one-two punch of marketing to reach agents and brokers
The jab/cross combo is a classic. It’s also the right mix of content and branding to help a company reach its prospective audience
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Forget the hard sell: 7 steps for building an organic referral business
This tried-and-true method is taught by countless high-priced coaches around the world
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An industry trade show exhibit floor with attendees browsing the vendors.
Don't let the pull of innovative vendors impact your buying decisions
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4 opportunities to showcase exceptional customer service
How to turn your happy clients into raving fans
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5 techniques every agent should be using to get real estate leads
3 opportunities to swim in referrals this summer
Promotion through service is the key to staying top-of-mind
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