Lauren's Stories

All roads lead to your website, does your current provider offer you the ability to customize how it works? Join Constellation1 to learn what your real estate business should be thinking about and asking for your digital strategy
May 16
Get a behind the scene look at the self-driving technology being developed at Skyslope to help automate the transaction and give agents their time back.
May 4
Hear from our partners about why they are sponsoring the year’s big kick off event
Dec 2
Real agents and brokers attend these all-day, virtual events, and they get real value from them. Here’s what they shared.
Apr 26
Real estate brands kick-off 2021 with a 3-day interactive event
Jan 20
This lineup of digital and in-person events will deliver new business opportunities and for exhibitors and vendors
Jan 8
New Inman Announcement packages are specially designed to help brands launch what’s new and exciting with the industry
Nov 9
Brands can leverage content as part of an inbound strategy. Here is what you need to know.
Aug 20