The Zestimate comes back to bite: Reactions to the end of Zillow Offers
Industry professionals and social media wags alike reacted to news on Tuesday that Zillow would shut down Zillow Offers, its iBuyer program. Many pointed to CEO Rich Barton's statements on the difficulties of forecasting home prices and the company's Zestimate tool
by Marian McPherson Nov 3
Zillow claims Zestimate now more accurate thanks to tech update
Zillow estimates the machine-learning-powered update will reduce the median error rate to 6.9% and increase homeowners' Zestimate live offers by 30%
by Marian McPherson Jun 15
Zestimates can't keep up with wild housing market, agents say
Agents from around the country talk about the widening gap between Zestimates and MLS home value data as inventory shortages push prices to new highs
by Marian McPherson Apr 27
Court upholds dismissal in Zestimate lawsuit
The U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed a May decision to dismiss a lawsuit over the home valuation tool
by Patrick Kearns Feb 11
Zillow sued over Zestimate display: Making sense of the dispute
Lawsuit alleges that Zillow 'concealing' home valuations for certain brokers hurts competition. Does it hold water?
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 18
Robots and real estate: Why agents have nothing to fear
The nuance in advising clients and negotiating on their behalf cannot be recreated by technology
by Joan Kagan Aug 4
Opinion: Is Zillow becoming a brokerage?
The only thing missing is the brokerage license
by Brian Rayl Aug 28
How to educate your home sellers
If you set boundaries from the get-go, the process will go much smoother
by Laura Viñalet Jun 1
No one can disrupt our industry without our permission
Smart brokers will adapt to challenges posed by Zillow, Trulia,
by Joseph Rand Apr 24
5 technologies that push the boundaries of real estate marketing
While some already exist, others are just waiting to be funded
by Aman Daro Dec 9
Zillow Digs sees rapid growth
More than 80 percent of users are working on or planning a home improvement project
by Teke Wiggin May 15
My Mortgage allows borrowers to track loan from application to pay off
by Inman Mar 15
Test launch includes more than 1 million off-market homes
Site's margin of error shrinks to 8.5% nationwide
by Inman Jun 14
Suite of apps now covers 90% of smartphone users, company says
by Inman Mar 31