Recent headlines have been filled with news of layoffs, but look closer. The companies where layoffs are occurring are wholly unrepresentative of the real estate industry and don't represent a major trend
Jun 22
Incumbents are adapting to the disruption
Feb 7
The real estate industry needs to change its mindset about its relationship with customers. It's all about service — not just closing the transaction
May 22
Listening more and performing less will help you to win new clients
May 20
Put prospective clients' needs before your own, and you'll see results
May 16
You already have a lot of clients, and you meet new ones every day. Make the most of it
May 14
Just like a hair stylist, accountant or mechanic, you want your clients to come to you for all things real estate. To make that happen, always engage in an ongoing relationship and discuss market conditions intelligently
May 7
If we need a national trade organization to save us, we’re already dead in our business
May 15