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Trade group: New hire brings smarts, energy, and MLS and association experience to the table
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The hunt is not officially on, but NAR leadership is supposedly scoping out the process
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Ever wonder how to say 'TRID' in Spanish?
NAHREP's glossary offers Spanish-English translations of real estate terms
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Agents and brokers freed from email-related lawsuit threat
NAR drops patent challenges in exchange for agreement to hold fire against real estate industry
by Andrea V. Brambila | on Sep 20, 2016 shoppers can now compare utility costs
Potential homeowners can compare utilities ranked on a scale from 1 to 100
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What happened when one agent forgot to pay the MLS
A broker was 'shocked' to receive notice that a single late subscriber payment could result in MLS suspension
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Brokers who want access to sold and pending listing IDX data have been blocked
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Real estate tools could be faster (and cheaper) -- here's how
Adopting API could jump-start real estate tech innovation
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MetroList implements RatePlug into NorCal's largest MLS
Let your clients know all of their payments as they change in realtime
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Louisiana flood relief: How Realtors can help
Not sure where to start? Here are some options
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A response post that clarifies the value of the MLS
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Upstream CEO answers broker questions from campaign trail
'When I meet with an MLS, it starts with concern and skepticism'
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Realtors' electronic lockbox unlocks property details fast
NAR's RPR-SentriLock integration serves up on-the-spot answers to client questions
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