AOL blocks Keller Williams email addresses
The franchisor is 'on top of the situation,' says spokesman
by Teke Wiggin | 14 hours
New down payment option could boost homeownership
This is the first time a 'shared-equity' program with no interest payments has been approved by a federal mortgage agency
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Does a brokerage really need a brick-and-mortar location?
Although no brokerage can be fully virtual in 2016, you should start getting ready to compete
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‘Mortgage industry-grade’ website for consumers goes live offers mortgage management and homeownership tools to consumers
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Should agents use 'transparent bidding'?
How the process works and the arguments for and against its use
by Teke Wiggin | 3 days reportedly valued at $2.5 billion
A News Corp. spokeswoman told Inman that Morgan Stanley released the estimate in an August report
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What consumers are looking for in smart homes
New research from NAR shows that consumers are interested, but most don't ask
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Video-centric agent captivates luxury and first-time buyers
Ivan Estrada is staying a step ahead as a busy Douglas Elliman agent in Beverly Hills
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3 tech movers and shakers making waves this week
What's new, improved and growing in this space as we speak?
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SF operator sells TigerLeads
Deal comes after Commissions Inc. was reportedly bought for about $250M
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What Opendoor's Uber-like war chest means for real estate
10 ways the startup could change the game for agents and brokers
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How tech is putting a new spin on fix-and-flip financing
No more long-term waiting
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Podcast: The magnificent 7 tech trends to watch in 2017
President of WAV Group Kevin Hawkins talks technology
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HAR will offer dotloop to its 34,000 members
Realtor association's deal includes custom branding on client-facing documents
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Human satisfaction: Can a bot fake it?
If consumers know (or don't know) that they're talking to a bot, how does that shape behavior?
by Sam DeBord | on Dec 1, 2016