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Web4Realty making solid case to be your next website provider

Toronto-based company could well serve U.S. real estate agents' website design needs
  • Designs are not template based, opening up a much more creative playing field for agent websites.
  • Video, listings and custom forms are just some of the elements that can be dragged into a new page.
  • The company is planning to release a full-fledged CRM and email marketing tool come year-end.
A powerful, easy way to build real estate websites

Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Web4Realty is a website-building solution for real estate agents. Platforms: Browser-based; sites are mobile-optimized Ideal for: Agents, teams and brokerages looking to build a new or refresh a current site Top selling points Not template-based Highly customizable Page manager tool for creation/editing Easy listing integration Top concerns Pending launch of a native CRM and email marketing tools will push the company into a more competitive space, pitting Web4Realty against reputable industry brands like BoomTown and Pipeline ROI. What you should know Web4Realty is not template-based, meaning agents aren't forced to choose one of a limited number of included looks. The software's content generator, Page Manager, allows for an almost endless array of drag-and-drop design schemes. Users can use Parallax designs, which provide depth an...