Home IQ by Show Pal
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New interactive Amazon Echo app shares listing information

  • New app allows listing agents to load home data on an Echo Show for buyer interaction during showings.
Home IQ by Show Pal
Property information on demand

Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Home IQ is an interactive listing information app for Amazon Echo. Platforms: Amazon Echo Show Ideal for: Listing agents; new home agents; on-site sales teams; agents who specialize in spec homes Top selling points Compelling marketing tactic Open house advantages Appeal to seller clients First-adopter cache Top concerns A knowledgeable buyer's agent will beat this app every time (or should, anyway). What you should know The biggest takeaway from my demonstration of the Show Pal Home IQ app for Echo, which came shortly after I filed a column about a new skill for Voiceter Pro's Echo app, is that this real estate technology niche is officially no longer a niche. Home IQ is conceptually simple: a listing agent creates an account, sets up a property for $59.99 each, and places an Amazon Echo Show on the home's counter. Directions are left ...