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Glide wants to take the hassle out of disclosure forms

Automated disclosure form software is accessible through zipForm Plus
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  • Glide is currently free to some member associations of C.A.R. and integrates with zipForm Plus to automate seller and buyer disclosure forms.

Glide is a forms automation tool for real estate disclosures made available to some member associations of the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.).

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Glide is a forms automation tool for buyer and seller disclosures.

Platforms: Browser; mobile optimized
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages in California, and soon other states

Top selling points

  • Integrated with zipForm Plus
  • Free to some C.A.R. members
  • Reduces forms to only required fields, checkboxes
  • Contextual on-demand field assistance

Top concerns

Not scaleable in markets without zipLogix partnerships.

What you should know

Glide was announced a few weeks ago as a new benefit for members of the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.). It officially launched today, July 17, and is currently available to members of the following associations:

  • San Francisco Association of Realtors
  • Pacific West Association of Realtors
  • Oakland-Berkeley Association of Realtors
  • Placer County Association of Realtors
  • Orange County Realtors
  • Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors
  • San Diego Association of Realtors
  • Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors
  • Greater Downey Association of Realtors
  • Contra Costa Association of Realtors (coming soon)
  • South Bay Association of Realtors (coming soon)
  • Bay East Association of Realtors (coming soon)

For those who can currently use it, Glide is accessible through zipForm Plus dashboards after a new transaction is created, or its completed forms can be added to an existing zipForms transaction.

The software strips away the visual tedium of bold, small-type language that can lead to confusion and hesitation when it comes to filling in required deal forms, such as the Seller Property Questionnaire and Transfer Disclosure Statement.

The software leaves users only the pertinent fields, boxes and blanks they’re mandated to complete.

The interface is centered on the screen within a minimal display, alleviating visual distraction and allowing for simple navigation through each section.

When finalized, everything the seller has input is then populated back into the traditional form and published as a PDF.

The problem Glide aims to solve is the constant back and forth of incorrect and incomplete disclosure forms, which can be an immense pain to agents and their transaction management teams.

Glide does a good job of “softening” the experience for the customer, eliminating the heavy-handed business feel of transaction forms without downplaying their importance to the relationship.

Beta testers have come back with very positive reviews, hoping only for improvements in the contextual help features meant to help sellers and buyers as they go.

They can also flag a section to alert an agent for confirmation or extra help. A disclosure can only be complete after all flags are resolved.

Clients are introduced to Glide via a custom email from their agent, and they can begin the disclosure process with a couple of clicks. Agents are alerted when it’s underway, and forms can be saved while in progress.

Images and documents can be attached where necessary, and agents can add team members per deal upon setup.

Completed forms packets are sent to each party for review and, once done, they are fully integrated into zipForm Plus. However, changes can be entered and data updated as the deal progresses.

Glide’s user experience (UX) is a better avenue to forms completion than transaction systems that merely allow users to enter live data into static C.A.R. forms.

What Glide has created is an anxiety-free forms experience for buyers and sellers — and a way for real estate agents to get a listing on the market significantly faster than traditional manual processes (and in a more pleasing environment than what’s offered by the industry’s popular transaction management solutions.)

Glide may prove well worthy of more than a 3-star rating once tested in the open market.

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