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ZipCRM will manage contacts and transactions for zipForm Plus users

New CRM offers transaction integration features but largely emulates its white-label partner, Wise Agent
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  • Landing page builder contains features common to stand-alone digital marketing tools.
  • New CRM from zipLogix is white-labeled version of Wise Agent.
  • Contacts can be connected directly to transactions via zipForm Plus integration.

ZipLogix launched zipCRM, a CRM and transaction management software for real estate agents and brokers who use ZipForms Plus to manage contacts and marketing efforts.

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ZipCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for real estate agents and brokers.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Current users of zipForm Plus; all agents, teams and brokers

Top selling points

  • White label version of Wise Agent
  • Integration with zipForm Plus
  • One-click phone calls
  • Landing page wizard

Top concerns

This is a white labeled version of Wise Agent. That means it’s an established real estate CRM with good features, but not entirely new to the market.

What you should know

ZipForm Plus users should strongly consider using zipCRM (priced at $27 a month) because of its natural integration with the transaction capabilities of zipForm Plus.

In that respect, zipCRM can become more of an all-office productivity system than merely a CRM.

However, it feels like zipLogix (the parent company) built a CRM for the sake of wanting a CRM in its product line-up. It’s a white-labeled version of Wise Agent and you’ll notice many of the similarities in user interface and experience.

The landing page wizard stands out within the platform, enabling agents to quickly produce pages that connect to emails and Facebook posts. It’s a well-done component with easy but advanced editing tools that shouldn’t be neglected.

Included are standard templates, such as open house promotions and new seller calls to action, but pages can be totally customized with minimal editing effort. Users have a number of options for designing registration and data collection forms.

ZipCRM scrapes the web to populate new lead records with their social media profile data. I’m seeing this feature often today, and it’s a convenient way to further streamline lead qualification.

ZipCRM does a solid job of keeping users active on the phone.

On the left side of its primary dashboard is the contact call log. It boasts a one-click-to-call button and a detailed breakdown of your interaction. Notes can be added after each call, as can tasks and calendar events.

The CRM naturally provides a drip campaign feature that offers included email templates or a Microsoft Word-like WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor to create your own. Use the editor.

The email templates come with unimaginative boilerplate content, such as seasonal themes and tired imagery crammed in between boxes of copy. The versions shown to me in the demo were dated and uninspiring. Demand more from your email, folks.

There are options within your contact lists to generate mailing labels, property fliers and other hard-mail collateral. I like this feature because I’m fan of direct mail integrated with digital outreach, especially landing pages.

Like Wise Agent, zipCRM leverages screen space nicely, isn’t visually overwhelming and packs a number of traditional agent tools into a prospect tracker.

There is plenty within zipCRM to consider, but nothing worth scraping your current system for unless you’re using zipForm Plus to handle transactions and digital signatures.

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