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MoxiWorks has all that and more for the tech-forward broker

A flexible, open platform for brokerages to manage agents and their business, MoxiWorks is ready to help you win 2019
We help real estate brokerages and agents sell more homes

MoxiWorks is a multi-faceted lead tracking, productivity automation and marketing platform for brokerages. 

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MoxiWorks is a multi-faceted lead tracking, productivity automation and marketing platform for brokerages. 

Platforms: Browser; mobile optimized
Ideal for: Brokerages, preferably mid-size to large firms

Top selling points

  • Integrations with existing software products
  • Goal and coaching functionality
  • Moxi-Insights feature
  • Sharp user interface

Top concerns

Brokers’ agents may want a more rich mobile experience. While designed mobile-first, responsiveness isn’t the same as a stand-alone app. A minimized version, perhaps the Sales Flow feature, could go along as an added-value in the mobile environment.

What you should know

This is software for the mobile-forward broker who is actively engaged in what her or his agents need to succeed. It’s an every-day login with sharp coaching and goal-setting features and is in direct competition with products like LionDesk and Chime.

Among many things, what’s unique about MoxiWorks is its balance between brokerage management and clear understanding of how agents work to stay in touch with customers and leads.

The software leverages a good deal of automation, from calculating the number of customers needed to obtain and sustain annual goals set upon initial setup to its preordained marketing campaigns, ready to roll upon sign-up.

There’s little an individual agent needs to do for the software to start working for them. For example, the company deploys a client concierge program to help agents sort through old lead sources for import and updating.

It’s very common for agents to have tired contacts in places like MailChimp lists, Outlook address books and notebooks floating in a morass of crumbs and business cards under the driver’s seat. The process of retrieving and activating those leads quickly becomes a deterrent to adoption.

MoxiWorks claims a 65 percent adoption rate within its brokerage clients, so the hands-on lead input program seems to be working.

The software has a few features that Inman found quite unique. There’s a visual badging system that represents characteristics of contact, for example, whether or not they have teenagers at home.

By clicking that icon, MoxiWorks will launch a campaign themed accordingly, which might include messages about soon being an empty-nester or downsizing.

MoxiInsights goes deeper than other solutions that import and leverage personal data, delving into specific hobbies that can be turned into sharply accurate attention-getting emails. One example demonstrated showed a list of descriptors that included a person’s preference for cats, sailing, hunting and fishing, boating, gambling and reading.

If a person breeds beagles, emails can be created about homes and dogs or how to sell a house that had a lot of dogs in it.

Point being, this kind of hyper-specific content can significantly boost open rates, especially in light of the flood of repurposed content many marketing platforms provide their clients.

Ease of implementation was a clear priority for MoxiWorks, as evidenced by the MoxiCloud, the overall platform that allows the system to work with data connections between a number of popular software solutions in multiple verticals, such as transaction products DocuSign, dotloop and Skyslope; marketing tools Imprev, Quantam Digital and iTour Media; lead-gen solutions Spacio, Buyside and Offrs; and review aggregators Zillow and Testimonial Tree.

MoxiWorks, in summary, is a collection of co-developed products working in unison. There’s the CRM MoxiEngage, MoxiPresent for presentations, MoxiCampaign for email marketing; MoxiWebsites for agent sites; MoxiHub for brokerage intranet and so on.

There’s a great deal more to the company’s offerings that warrants multiple demonstrations, but there’s risk in a broker not needing the full strength of each aspect of MoxiWorks.

Still, the sleek user interface and laser-tuned UX nicely coalesce each facet into a brokerage-centered enterprise product that should comprehensively support a motivated broker’s 2019 revenue goals.

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