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Want to be a local expert? Try LiveBy’s unique brand of marketing

The local web content provider thrived behind the scenes with brokerage and software partnerships, but now it’s emerging to serve the greater agent market
Be the local voice in real estate

The local web content provider thrived behind the scenes with brokerage and software partnerships, but now it’s emerging to serve the greater agent market and help real estate agents become the local voice by offering data-driven content marketing models.

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LiveBy is a local web content provider for real estate brokers and agents.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized content
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages.

Top selling points

  • Very quick account setup
  • Highly specific community data
  • Valuable component to SEO marketing
  • Ideal for new and growing agents

Top concerns

There are a number of marketing companies moving into local content provision, so explore your options before deciding on a partner.

What you should know

LiveBy has been providing a number of real estate offices around the country with its community data, only it didn’t want many people to know that, until now.

Some of the companies its geo-focused content has been helping include, Alain Pinel, BHHS Fox & Roach, Douglas Elliman, Sereno Group, HomeServices of America and Engel & Völkers Americas.

However, the company is stepping away from its role as content understudy to bask in the floodlight of being a bonafide content marketing partner for the real estate industry.


LiveBy has developed relationships with a wide array of public and private data providers to quickly assemble search-ready content on cities, suburbs and even streets, allowing their agent-clients to deliver exceptionally accurate information about real estate.



If any agent wants to focus on a six-block radius within their ZIP code, they need merely to tell LiveBy which streets will act as borders. Once the borders are drawn and geographic data sets established, that agent can share images, restaurant information, home types, events and whatever else that defines him or her with leads and clients. Customers are charged per neighborhood they choose to target.

Individual landing pages for each community can be created in little time, each serving as a hub for a targeted geographic market. Pages will be designed to emulate the look and feel of a website’s design and contain a compendium of visuals, statistics, school and municipal rankings as well as other forms of actionable information to help buyers buy and sellers sell.

The idea behind LiveBy is conceptually simple: help agents become local experts, a strategy that has never gone out of fashion but is often forgotten. Thankfully, today’s unfathomably deep trove of readily available information makes local marketing exceptionally more relevant than when it was relegated to buying lists and mailing postcards.

There are many service providers who aim to provide the same form of localized benefits, such as ParkBench, for example. However, LiveBy has found a bit more traction in spreading the “local” message by digging into a few strategic vendor partnerships, namely with MoxiWorks and Buyside.

When it comes to search, LiveBy’s model leverages a strategy colloquially called, “long-tail search,” which is rooted in the ever-growing trend of consumers searching for, and expecting, exact results to specific queries. And that’s precisely what Google wants to provide its users, too.

In fact, LiveBy is doing everyone a favor in terms of understanding search rank with something called, “LiveBy Scorecards.”

The rating tool, free and public, is an ever-growing list of how America’s real estate brokerages rank in online search for their respective communities. LiveBy’s intent is to demonstrate how important it is to at least reasonably surface when a consumer is looking for an agent in your market. The company also wants the industry to know that you can beat the portals in some cases.

The company told Inman it has plans to launch market-based community guides, neighborhood marketing reports and more tools to leverage the deep insights public and private data sources are providing today’s businesses.

If you’re looking to corner the market on your corner, LiveBy might be the ideal strategic partner to help you get it done. Or at least help you put up a sign pointing the way.

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