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Zyyah is a home inventory management app with a clever upsell

This iPhone app also analyzes your insurance policy to look for coverage gaps based on your inventory lists, and then offers additional coverage plans
Manage your home

Zyyah is an iOS app to help homebuyers manage their new home’s inventory, critical insurance documentation and closing data. It also analyzes your insurance policies to look for coverage gaps based on inventory lists and then offers additional coverage plans.

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Zyyah is an iOS app that helps homebuyers manage their new home’s inventory, critical insurance documentation and closing data.

Platforms: iOS app, browser
Ideal for: Homeowners, buyer’s agents

Top selling points:

  • Easy, secure account setup
  • Room-by-room asset management
  • Manage multiple properties
  • Helps agent stay connected after sale

Top concern:

This is another service that will rely heavily on the real estate agent to be a software sales pro. Although it’s consumer facing, until Zyyah gains enough traction, agents will need to encourage its adoption with clients.

What you should know

The primary thrust of Zyyah isn’t unique. You’ve no doubt seen home-inventory management apps. There’s too many too list, actually.

But the number of options available doesn’t take away from their collective importance to ensuring a home is well-documented. Nor does it take away from what Zyyah is offering, which is a bit more than merely tracking appliances.


Zyyah’s user experience is clearly driven by efficiency. It takes only a couple of minutes to get up and running, even with its multifactor authentication sign-up, a good idea considering the app is all about the home.

A TransUnion integration fortifies the rapid onboarding and anything not automatically populated after an address is entered can be manually input without much hassle.

Every room can be personalized by using custom names, such as “Mom & Dad’s Room” or “Peleton Room,” etc. You can also add a space to the app, in case the garage or an outdoor space holds value to the user.

“Things” can be listed and photographed by room, and any accompanying documents can be uploaded or scanned as needed. Each item is represented by its picture per room. I like this; it makes things simple both for the user and when it’s time to make a claim on it.

Zyyah’s take on home inventory includes transaction data, which makes more sense to me each time I think about it. Why not keep securely digitize the receipts from your largest life purchase?

Thus, all of your closing documentation, surveys and so forth can be inserted into your Zyyah Vault, a clever feature for adding an extra layer of security to critical data. This is the digital version of that metal lockbox everyone keeps under their bed or bedroom hideaway.

Zyyah also analyzes your insurance policy to look for coverage gaps based on your inventory lists.

In fact, selling its users insurance is ultimately the goal because Zyyah has an home insurance and warranty subsidiary called Hello Covered, and its certainly not making money by offering its app for free.

It’s a clever strategy, but agents who recommend their own local insurance pros or preferred home warranty companies might feel a little duped if the app they asked their clients to download swiped business from their sphere of influence. I’d consider that before emailing the a link to the app.

But again, that doesn’t take away from the overall efficacy of the app. Both its consumer and agent user experiences (depending on account sign-up) are modern and visually tight. The commands buttons are bold and thumb-sized, and the iconography will users move around easily.

Although not available for viewing at the time of our demo, Zyyah will be rolling out an Escrow Management module that will include a new Title Insurance Agent integration and UX.

So, it should come as no surprise that Zyyah also owns a title insurance company, called Certus Title.

One last time: If you want a solid, well-designed home inventory app to offer your clients at closing, you can do worse than Zyyah.

But, if you’re not sure Certus Title and Hello Covered are your buyer’s best options, maybe have them look at options such as HomeZada, CentrIQ or maybe HomeKeepr.

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