Greg's Stories

LionDesk Founder and President David Anderson gives a behind-the-scenes look at the popular customer relationship management platform
Apr 11
Get insight into the ongoing evolution of data standards from RESO’s Art Carter and Josh Darnell
Apr 5
1000watt's Marc Davison talks music, breaking paradigms in branding and articulating your company’s message
Mar 29
Victor Lund's willingness to advocate for industry change
Mar 15
Denee Evans dishes on being the CEO of the organization that leads the MLS industry in North America
Nov 3

By 2009, mobile users could do a lot with smartphone apps — get directions, listen to music, take pictures, play games, even film a video. Aaron Kardell thought that you ought to be able to add “look for a house” to the growing list of applications.

Sep 29

If you feared more of the same when Bob Goldberg was named CEO of NAR, take heart. The rhetoric of our new leadership is focused on engagement, openness and transparency — knocking down the façade of the “ivory tower” and facilitating dialogue with members, even those who disagree.

Aug 29

Just when you thought the Upstream shift might foster a new spirit of collaboration in the real estate industry, the guns were drawn again with NAR CEO Dale Stinton’s combative rhetoric, as NAR approved an additional $9 million in funding for the scaled back version of Upstream at the Realtors Legislative Meetings in D.C.

Jun 7