What lead generation strategies should be your go-to choices for maximum lead conversion in 2023?
by Bernice Ross Dec 22
Converting leads into clients isn’t easy, but knowing various types of clients and how to market to them will help
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If you do not currently have a database, it is time to start. To ignore your CRM is to leave a significant opportunity untapped
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Success in real estate is inevitable if you consistently implement the right strategies. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen
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If the market shift has stalled out your CRM, it may be time to reset. Not sure where to start? We are here to diagnose and cure your CRM woes
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A new policy by Northwest MLS offers a glimpse of changes that could make commissions easier to negotiate and more transparent
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If your potential buyers are ready to give up, don't let them throw in the towel yet. Try these three strategies to help open up new opportunities in a challenging market
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For too many agents, a call after the listing is sold is ignored. Instead, make it an opportunity and a springboard for adding value
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Getting your mindset right and getting up to speed on the best lead gen tools are essential for meeting the challenges of today's real estate market
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If you have the capacity and commitment to be consistent with geographic farming, the rewards can be great
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Soft skills can help maintain "good vibes" and stave away dated sales scripts that deter clients. These gentle prospecting tips can help you and your team sell homes with heart over hustle
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In a competitive marketplace, more than ever, buyers turn to experts in the field for creative, confidence-inducing solutions. Find ways to be the broker people think of when looking for answers
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Agents must effectively and efficiently communicate the value they bring. The best way to do that is by differentiating yourself from 1.5  million other agents with truly stellar service and communication
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Do you have buyers who are on the fence about writing an offer? Bernice Ross interviews Andrew Flachner of RealScout on how to get your buyers 'offer-ready'
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Conversion is the name of the game, and it requires rapid engagement with each lead. These hacks will help you speed up your response time so that you can connect with your prospects quickly and win their business
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With priced-out buyers seeking to relocate this spring, real estate agents stressed the importance of referral networks as the latest migration wave comes on the heels of an overheated market
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