The message is blunt: Real estate leaders anticipate a tough 2023
Inman's first-ever Intel leadership survey revealed that leaders think the market will be worse in 2023 compared to 2022 — but they also expect to thrive regardless of the economic headwinds
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 8
Real estate took a drubbing in Q4, but some companies still surprised
Brokerages, tech companies and mortgage providers all saw massive losses as the market soured at the end of 2022. But some leaders did have a few tricks up their sleeves
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 2
A Keller Williams team leader on essentials for navigating a downturn
Remember, the market doesn't determine your outcome; it only determines you strategy. Make these changes to help motivate your team for what's next
Your prediction about the housing market is probably wrong
Forget the memes. If you've been around real estate for any length of time, you know that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected
by Teresa Boardman Sep 1
WATCH: What is your plan for surviving a downturn?
Brokers and team leaders are working to find the best solutions possible to weather the downturn. If your first instinct is to cut staff, your instinct might be dead wrong
by Rachael Hite Aug 23
Compass ditches stock, financial incentives in recruiting
Compass has grown rapidly by offering agents shares in the company and in some cases cash. But the company has now cut those perks as the market slows way down
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 15
You can help! How to support homeowners in forbearance
There’s so much you can do to assist distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. Not only will you have their lasting gratitude, chances are, they will also refer others to you in the future
by Bernice Ross Jan 20
How to determine prices in a post-COVID-19 market
To accurately measure how your market is shifting, here are some strategies on pricing properties in a post-COVID-19 market, plus a few scripts to help you discuss changing prices with your clients
by Bernice Ross Apr 29
How real estate agents need to pivot for a downturn
Agents who can identify market trends after every period of disruption and adapt to them efficiently are the ones who endure. Here are a few changes we can expect
by Sissy Lappin Apr 25
The Real Word: The 10 cities best prepared for a downturn
Plus, NAR provides telemedicine services for Realtors and the brokerage that's getting creative with virtual tour scavenger hunts
by Byron Lazine Apr 10
Compass launches customizable drip campaign platform
Compass CEO Robert Reffkin calls 'Action Plans' the most significant CRM feature since the CRM's launch
by Patrick Kearns Apr 8
How will iBuying fare in a world of social distancing?
Today’s market environment will finally shine a light on how the iBuyer business model will react as consumer demand wanes, and there are certain recognizable advantages
by Mike DelPrete Mar 18
Boo! What are you afraid of? Agents sound off
From market movements to marketing strategies, everyone’s scared of something. Here’s what real estate agents around the country are afraid of this spooky season
by Christy Murdock Oct 30
Toronto skyline
San Francisco and Toronto are at most risk, according to UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index
How to guide your clients through the next market downturn
Your guidance will give them the confidence to make the right moves
by Olivier Grinda Jul 3