Angelo Mozilo, symbol of subprime mortgage lending, dies at 84
Co-founder of Countrywide Financial cast himself as the leader of revolution to expand access to mortgage lending but became the public face of the subprime mortgage collapse
by Matt Carter Jul 18
Is it a housing bubble? Nearly 68% of housing markets are overvalued
Within the last year alone, home price growth, which has reached 20.6%, has become 4 times greater than income growth, which is a mere 4.8%
Google searches for 'housing bubble' have been spiking since March
Google Trends experienced a spike in searches for the term 'housing bubble' earlier this spring, and it hasn't fully returned to normal levels, hinting that the topic is at least on a lot of minds
by Jim Dalrymple II May 23
First rule of housing bubbles? Don't talk about them, economist warns
Zillow Senior Economist Jeff Tucker is skeptical that a housing bubble is looming, but he worries such talk could hurt future buyers in need of homebuilders to continue producing new inventory
by Daniel Houston May 16
Home prices may be 'unhinged' from fundamentals, Fed analysts say
For months, the rise in home prices was in line with underlying indicators. Now, it may have gone too far, a Dallas Fed report suggests
by Daniel Houston Apr 1
Hurry up or wait: The big question on every buyer's mind this spring
Just as homebuyers have learned to navigate soaring prices, sinking inventory and bidding wars, the housing market has reached a new level of madness. Will it all boil over this spring?
by Marian McPherson Mar 14
Are we in a real estate bubble? The Real Word
This week: Byron Lazine and Nicole White examine Gary Keller's opening remarks for hints of a bubble, 'The Wall Street Journal' for stock tips and 'South Park' for the lulz
by Byron Lazine Feb 25
Sorry to burst your bubble, but we’re not in one, housing experts say
Today's rising home prices and a persistent seller’s market differ from the 2007 housing bubble in a few key ways, economists told Inman. In short, don't expect bubbles bursting anytime soon
by Taylor Anderson Feb 3
M. Ryan Gorman: Agents, be ready for an 'endurance race'
The Coldwell Banker CEO told the Inman Connect crowd that external lead sources like Zillow change, but organic lead growth puts agents in control
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 27
'Are we in another housing bubble?': Home price growth hits new high
Annual home price growth reached an all-time high of 18% in May, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency's latest home price index report
by Marian McPherson Jul 28
A national home value downturn isn't in our future. Here's why
Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner dives deeper into the timeline of events that led to the 2007 crash, comparing then and now. Here's why he speculates there's no real reason to expect a widespread, systematic decline in home prices in the foreseeable future
by Matthew Gardner May 26
Dozens of economists don't see any bursting bubbles on the horizon
A new survey of 42 economists showed that home prices, housing starts, apartment vacancies and other factors should remain healthy for the next several years
by Jim Dalrymple II May 19
Bubble Trouble: The impending 'bubble burst' is mythical at best
For those who believe an impending doom is on the horizon, here is some bad news: It's not going to happen. In this second of two opposing opinion pieces on the housing crash, Matthew Gardner shares why we won't see any mythical bubble bursting
by Matthew Gardner May 7
Lawmakers, economists worry home price growth will 'choke off' buyers
Economists told Politico the yearslong imbalance of demand and supply will come to a head this year as first-time buyers give up on homeownership
by Marian McPherson Mar 10
JP Morgan Chase: 100-year-old WWII vet can stay in his home
James Been, a 100-year-old army veteran and Brooklyn native, had foreclosure charges against him by JP Morgan Chase dropped on Friday
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 29